Tuesday, July 10, 2012


In my last post, I was going to take a four day break from running. I am happy to report that I actually followed my own rule (for once)!

I've been battling sinus issues for weeks now. Over the weekend we had some good friends over for a swim day! It was a blast.

We did actually swim.

However after they all left, I realized I had a fever and went downhill from there. Finally on Sunday evening I started to feel a little bit better which was good because I had a run date with the Queen of Hearts. When I run with her, I know we'll go at a nice steady pace and usually never more than four or five miles.

We started running our usual route through her neighborhood and then eventually up one of the levees towards the trails that parallel the river. We had not gone far when we started hearing popping sounds and smelling smoke.

All of a sudden the trail in front of us is totally covered in fire! Luckily I almost always carry my cell phone and we hiked up to the levee and called the fire department. They made it out in seven minutes (the Queen of Hearts timed them) and they had the fire out in no time. They thanked us because had it spread it could have jumped the levee and reached a lot of homes.

After my run I went home and was hit hard with a crippling head and sinus ache. I could barely see let alone look at a computer screen or light. I took what I could (which is only Tylenol since I am still nursing Squeaker) and waited patiently for the pain to subside. It eventually did.

That was the last time I ran and I have a run date tomorrow too. I am not sure how it will go. I find it funny that something in my FACE is inhibiting my running. I hate summer colds.

Luckily Squeaker and the Peanut are doing much better cold-wise. So much so ... that one evening Squeaker disappeared and usually I have "mom-ears" and can hear wherever she is and whatever she is doing. This evening, it was too quiet ... which is never good news.

Caught "white" handed ... it was apparently snowing tissues

Today I had the girls all to myself and I was not looking forward to figuring out what to do with them in this heat. So I packed some snacks and some hats and drove towards Tahoe.

I found a little hole in the wall spot that we basically had all to ourselves. The girls had a blast and we stayed cool. Can't beat that.

The Peanut had fun

Squeaker had fun ...

Squeaker really had fun!

It was a great day. A very muddy, sandy and wet day but everyone had fun. When we arrived home the three of us jumped into the pool to cool and wash ourselves off.

I love summer days.

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