Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Wow it is hard to believe that it is August already (and that I have not posted anything yet). Needless to say, I've been busy. Busy just enjoying the summer, my girls and the craziness that comes with all of that.

I've been really working hard at some strength training lately and some TRX stuff. It is paying off a little bit because I am seeing some results in my arms and core (some, not a lot ... yet). However, there are only so many hours in the day and because of this, I am not running nearly as much as I was before. On one hand it is due to time issues and on the other my legs are just tired ... tired from strength workouts, tired from chasing two little girls (one who is recently attracted to the cat food) and just tired from sleepless nights (thank you Olympics).

Last Saturday though I went to Cool for the second free training run for That Damn Run Half Marathon and 10K.  The Race Director for this race is none other than my old Way Too Cool 50K/AR50 training coach (and friend) Coach Nikon. The race shirts for this race by the way are pretty darn awesome.

This is on the shirt!

I have big plans to do the half marathon course ... even though my running has been less than stellar lately. The race is late October and actually is the the last race on my list (minus Clarksburg which I promised to run with TiggerT who is training for CIM).

The run on Saturday was great. Pigeon was there. I pretty much ran with her the entire time ... just like old times except she is in awesome shape and I had to walk a lot of the climbs. I didn't mind and I know she didn't either. This race is going to be one tough half marathon though ... it has a brutal mile climb in the middle that just goes and goes and goes. It's in Cool though, one of the prettiest places to run and that can't be beat.

I have about a month left before I have to start working again and enter the real world. I am having mixed emotions about it and feel like a roller coaster when I think about so I am just not thinking about it. I have way too many other exciting things happening before I have to dust off my skirts and heels.

Vans is having a birthday in a week so or so (it's a biggie) ... and we're having company that arrives next week and is staying with us for a whole week AND celebrating Vans's birthday. Lots to prepare before they get here and of course I want to cram everything in that I can while they are here. It has been lovely being home to enjoy all the visitors we've had lately because normally I am a slave to lack of vacation time and have to work while everyone else is having fun. Not this time!

The girls are getting so big too. Squeaker is almost 14 months old and is running (not quite steady) around the house. She adores her big sister and pretty much lets her get away with MOST things ...

Like playing fairy dress up

The Peanut is really into swimming lately and loves watching the Olympic swimmers. She is only four but the kid can free-style and I am quite impressed. She's getting braver swimming across the pool by herself and jumping off the diving board. We tried introducing her to dance (ballet, tap, jazz) at her own request but the poor child has my coordination skills (sadly) and it wasn't a good fit. She's told me she would like to go back to her private swim lessons that we normally do in the winter.

Vans is moaning because apparently swim meets are the "worst" according to more experienced parents but I can't help but smile that she is so interested in something ... I was never a great swimmer and if she likes it, I say go for it.

Hanging out at the pool at night

Squeaker however, enjoyed the Peanut's dance class more than anyone.


  1. ahh cute of Squeaker in the tutu!

    Did you get a job you think you will be happy with? Is it a long drive like your other job?

    You have been so lucky to have some time off with the girls, a once in a lifetime experience/chance for sure!

    1. I think I will be happy at the new job. The people seem really nice.

      I can't access your blog anymore. :-( it says by invite only.