Saturday, August 11, 2012


A friend of mine asked me what the girls photos would look like side by side. A parent at the girls' daycare stopped me to say that her and her sister are constantly asked if they are twins, yet they are three years apart ... she thinks my girls are going to have the same questions.

I know they look a like as infants. The Peanut's baby photos could easily be Squeakers and vice versa. I mean, I know the difference and I know who is who ... but right now, I don't think they look a like much at all. Definitely related, but not twins. Who knows, maybe it is their different personalities.

So it has me wondering what Squeaker will grow up to look like ... of course "herself" is the easy answer but right now, she has none of the traits that the Peanut had at 14 months (namely, Squeaker LIKES to sleep) ... Squeaker is also a dare devil with amazing balance and coordination (a gift from Vans no doubt) where as the Peanut has my uncanny ability to have gravity constantly pulling at her and forcing her to fall, trip and end up bruised and battered. Sorry kid.

So here is a little game of Who is Who ... I won't write who is who until the very end so good luck!






So who is who? :)

A: Peanut, B: Squeaker, C: Peanut, D: Squeaker, E: Peanut


  1. I knew them all! But I've also been looking at their baby pics since they were born so I know who I'm looking at. Haha

  2. that was a fun game!!! And they look alike, but also different at the same time!

  3. Well, I would have had to take that test over! That's crazy how much they do look alike. Hee Hee, I did get C right (the DD cup gave that one away) :) Those are some of the cutest kids ever!

  4. I got 'em right. :)So cute!

  5. They do look SUPER similar! Both are so cute with perfect blond hair :)

    My blog is back up btw :)