Saturday, August 25, 2012


I know it has been awhile, or at least it seems like it has been a while since I last blogged. We have had a nice two weeks with friends visiting from Whistler Canada to celebrate Vans's big birthday that included trips to Tahoe, trail runs, TRX workouts and lots and lots of swimming.

Mommy on the Run and family arrived on the 14th and mayhem immediately started. Mommy on the Run has a four year old (Monkey) and a 1 year old (Bundles) so that means the Peanut (age 4) and Squeaker (age 1) had built in daily play dates ... as did Mommy on the Run and myself and Vans and Mr. Bear. They have a true bromance.

Squeaker & Bundles

While they were here, I took Mommy on the Run to a TRX class and a core conditioning class. I think she enjoyed it ... at the very least she saw why I constantly complain that some body part of mine is sore! I also took her on my Ridge Loop (of Death) run near the house. It is a 7+ mile run that combines some trails, fire road and pavement. A mix of everything but with some nice views of the surrounding area.

Early in their visit we spent a lot of time at the pool with the kids. The temperatures here were in the high 90s while our pool was about 84 degrees ... which incidentally was roughly the air temperature for Whistler. Mr. Bear and Monkey LOVE to swim so they were in heaven at the pool.

Fun pool games
We took them to the local duck park
We went to the Thursday night concert ... the kids loved dancing
The Canadians :-)
We literally took hundreds upon hundreds of photos between us so I cannot possibly show all of them or explain everything we did while they were here. We literally were on the move for 10 days straight (you kind of have to be with four little kids and two "grown" kids).
Towards the end of the week we went up to Tahoe. We stopped at Sand Harbor for the day and had some amazing beach time. Sand Harbor is one of the nicest beaches in Tahoe. Just great sand, easy access to the water and great people watching.
The purpose of going to Tahoe though was to celebrate Van's birthday. Mr. Bear, Mommy on the Run and I all collaborated earlier in the summer and picked the perfect house that had one of Van's "wish list" requirements ... a view of Lake Tahoe.
The view from our deck which ran the length of the house
For months I had sent out emails to all of the people in our lives inviting people up to Tahoe to help celebrate Vans's birthday. Besides our Canadian friends, we had people who flew in from Arizona and an old "skate" buddy who drove up all the way up from Sacramento to spend a few hours as well as a few friends from EDH and their kids. People either popped in for the dinner/drinks celebration or they came for the beach time or both. It was definitely a packed day that was a lot of fun. Vans's was happy.

Long time friends.

Vans and Mr. Bear mountain biked on both the Flume Trail and Tahoe Rim Trail while in Tahoe. Mommy on the Run and I gladly watched the kids in exchange for an opportunity to run for a few hours in Cool with Pigeon later in the week. That is right, it was a blogger run! Mommy on the Run and Pigeon were able to meet for the first time but both reach each other's blog.

Mommy on the Run has been interested in all things Western States for a while and she was super excited to learn that we would be running from Cool to No Hands Bridge. She also knows a lot about Cool too.

Mommy on the Run
Pigeon & Trailmomma running again!
The run was fun. I took up the caboose because my ankle was not feeling 100% AND because about an hour before I took an hour long strength and conditioning class that had me doing many many squats and lunges and my legs were toast. Pigeon and Mommy on the Run didn't seem to mind.

At one point since Pigeon and I were finally running together again AND I finally remembered to bring the camera ... we just HAD to bring back the JC Penny poses we had done a few summers ago.

Modeling our Visors
We made it to No Hands Bridge and I think for the first time ever, Pigeon stopped and read the signs with us!
On No Hands
After our photo session at No Hands Bridge, we went back the way we came and decided to go up K2.
The bottom of K2 ... it is one steep hill
I was not exactly thrilled. ha
K2 is almost an entire mile in length and one rocky climb. My ankle was extremely unhappy during the climb but I secretly enjoyed the workout.
But the views are awesome at the top
We finished our run just as the temps were really starting to heat up. I forget that Mommy on the Run is not used the heat we deal with up in Northern California. I don't think it bothered her that much because she was smiling ear to ear when we made it back to the car.
Thanks Pigeon for being tour guide!
The whole Mommy on the Run family has since returned to Whistler. The house is awful quiet without them all here.
Today I met Pigeon in Cool again to run the full course for That Damn Run Half Marathon. We really only ran about 12 of the 13 miles but apparently we were very close to a bear that Pigeon HEARD but we never saw (others saw him) and we also had to nurse a very tired Traildog to the end. He was struggling poor pup.
My legs feel pretty darn good considering I ran in Cool on Wednesday with Mommy on the Run and Pigeon, then 7 hill miles in EDH with TiggerT on Friday followed by 12 miles in Cool today. I have not run this much in a while and although my ankle is a bit swollen and sore ... my legs and my heart are smiling. 


  1. sounds like an awesome time with friends, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. What a nice end of summer vacation! It should bring many (more) smiles when you take a moment off from your upcoming return to the working world to reminisce.

  3. Sounds like a great time some great friends. Traildog is happy to report he has made a full recovery and thanks you for your help.