Monday, September 3, 2012


Every Labor Day weekend, we go camping. Here is 2011's camping recap with photos.

Just like last year, we camped at Donner Lake. The Trailmomma family headed up late Saturday morning with a truck full of stuff (for just one night) and arrived shortly after noon ... with hungry kids.

We stopped at a rest stop on our way up and unfortunately Squeaker took a tumble off of a concrete bench and fell onto the pavement below ... face first. She split both her top and bottom lip open and screamed bloody murder. I was using the facilities when it happened and I could hear her scream loud and clear. Luckily, it did not prevent her from having a nice time camping.

Having a snack in the dirt once we arrived.

Once again we rented a tent from REI since our own personal tent is way too small. Last year we brought the air mattress but for some reason I don't think it worked out to sleep on ... this year we purchased a pump that actually works and tried sleeping on it again.

Sadly we have no photos of us assembling the tent this year. It is much harder to assemble your tent, unpack your car and keep an eye on two kids.

Checking things out

Squeaker was only about 3 months old when we went camping last year so this was a whole new adventure for her. She had a blast.

Not long after arriving and unpacking we took a walk to Donner Lake. The trail leading to the lake is not that far and surprisingly, the Peanut rode her strider bike the entire way and it wasn't an easy ride. There were lots of rocks on the trail. I was so proud of her.

Cooling herself off after the ride
But clearly not that tired
Squeaker just loves sitting in dirt. Period.
Walking back ... I guess she was too tired to ride her bike.
After our time at the lake, we headed back to the campsite to get ready for dinner. I think finally after five years of camping with kids ... Vans has come to terms with the fact that they will just remain dirty all.the.time. He stopped trying to clean hands and faces because after a while, he realized it was pointless.
Giving up keeping them clean.
The temperature was pretty chilly for this time of year. It was definitely colder than last year but I think we all managed just fine. Squeaker might have been squeezed into some old jammies that were a touch too small for her but she didn't seem to mind.
She went to bed fairly easily despite not sleeping in a pack and play or anything. I put her down a bit later than normal because she was just so revved up with all the excitement camping brings. The Peanut stayed up later to enjoy some S'mores but eventually went to bed well too.
Can't have camping without S'mores

Off to bed ... full o'sugar!
For the first time in about five years of camping, I was able to leave the kids in the tent and enjoy some wine by the campfire with Vans instead of sleeping in the tent with the kids!
However, at 6:30 am Squeaker sat up in the tent and looked completely bewildered as to where she was and why she was there. Once she saw all of us, she was fine but she was not quite ready for the very cold temps that morning!
You can see the tears in her eyes.
Actually she cried hysterically when I had to change her diaper (who wants their bum exposed when it is that cold?) ... and then cried even more when I had to leave the tent to make breakfast for my crew.
However, while I was gone ... there apparently was a photo session in the tent ...
Tiger of course came camping

Squeaker laying on her sister's cot
Not happy. Wants her Mama.
Soon it was time for breakfast and sitting by the morning campfire.
Hot chocolate!
Then it was time to burn off some morning energy.
Chasing her big sister!
Vans went for a late morning bike ride to Donner Summit and I took the girls back to the beach with the rest of the crew.
Back at the beach
Having a good time
Running around
When Vans finished his ride he came straight to the beach. We both took a nice dip in the (freezing) cold water. It felt great to rinse off the dirt and sort of refresh. Sadly, it was time to pack up and go home. The kids were hungry and tired and we had to return the tent to REI before they closed.
The following picture pretty much sums up the day/trip nicely ... Your classic end of the weekend photo.
Before we even left the parking lot.
 As much as I like camping, it was nice to be home, clean and having a nice healthy dinner. I woke up this morning to go for a speed workout run with TiggerT at the track. She had 4 x 800s on tap with 3 minutes of rest in between. I admit I was slow, dehydrated and a little "off" tummy-wise for the run but it felt great to run and get things moving.

Today is Poppa's birthday and so we are going to head down to Sacramento to celebrate! Happy Labor Day all ... - Trailmomma



  1. Looks like a awesome time camping! I can picture you setting up the tent and Vans enjoying a beer.....

  2. I haven't been camping for awhile, well since before having kids, looks hectic :) But they look happy!

    You know I did take your advice and I bought the Brooks Adrenaline. And for the most part they have worked well for me. But as I have increased my mileage they have started hurting my arch a little. I am currently running in them and I think maybe I need a larger size and maybe a narrow width!
    I also took your advice and got a ta ta tamer and I love it!
    Apparently I do anything you suggest!! So keep suggesting :)