Sunday, May 6, 2012


Jersey Dad left on Friday morning. It was sad to see him go. The Peanut was her typical moody self in the morning and did not want to say goodbye to him. I think deep down, she knows he was leaving and that is her coping mechanism. After school however, she kept asking "where Poppy was" all the way until bed time. She even checked his room to make sure he wasn't still hiding in there.

After I dropped off Poppy/Jersey Dad and the girls were at school, I drove to my old neighborhood to set out on my 16 mile training run. Vans and I planned the day. He was going to leave our house in EDH via his bike just as I was about to start my run. We figured he'd meet me at my turn around point and low and behold, he did!

The first 8 miles were fine. I was slow, sluggish and a bit tired but I blamed that on the last three sleepless nights I have had due to the Squeaker's three teeth that are poking through. When I saw Vans it was a nice pick-me-up and change of pace.

Rain had asked me a few blog posts ago if I was running pain free. I am but only until I reach mile 12 or so on a long run. It seems that is the "magic number" right now and when I hit that distance my ankle very slowly starts to ache until by the end of my run it is throbbing. Of course it throws doubts into my head as to whether or not I will be able to run this marathon in late June. I am hoping I can convince my doctor to give me another cortisone shot just to get by. I know that is not exactly conventional OR ideal but at this point, I don't really care.

Vans only rode along side me for a little bit and then moved on ahead. His plan was to practice a brick for his duathlon ... so once he reached his bike destination he put on his run shoes and ran out to meet me. He caught me about a mile from the end of my run and we finished together. He said I looked good but I told him my ankle was about a "7" on my pain scale at that point.

Once I finish the run however and changed my shoes things eased up. 16 miles were in the book and semi within my scheduled pace for the day.

Not sure what to do with our time since the girls were at school napping, we decided to go out for lunch. We knew that Saturday was Cinco de Mayo (neither one of us is Mexican mind you) so we looked for a Mexican place for lunch. El Patron was where we ended up. The food was great, the service was poor but overall, I enjoyed spending some time with Vans before we had to pick up the girls.

Pre-Cinco de Mayo drinks

Saturday came and it was a nice change to have both Vans and I just be "lazy" all morning and not race around to get a workout in before starting the day. The Peanut has no clue what Cinco de Mayo really is but she sensed that it was a "holiday" and asked if we could roast marshmallows after dinner.

roasting marshmallows

She looks sweet and innocent...
deep down, she's on a sugar high.

S'Mores (and Vans's fingers)

It was pretty nice just relaxing in our back yard last night. However the evening turned ugly when Squeaker decided to spike a fever and be up all night long. I had high hopes of hitting the track today for some speed work however my night was spent sitting up right in a recliner with a 20 pound hot baby in my lap. The day isn't over so who knows, maybe I'll get to the track yet but if I don't, that's okay as I am supposed to do hill repeats with Pigeon tomorrow much like our last work out .... IF Squeaker is well enough to go to school tomorrow that is.

Later in the week the Peanut has her third of four soccer practices. The fourth one they actually scrimmage. I just had to share these photos because they are absolutely adorable! She actually has a bit of natural talent too ... despite some natural klutziness. :-)


Practicing her drills

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  1. Oh I love her little pink shorts! Very cute!

    I am sorry about the teething, luckily we didn't have to go through much of that, but I do remember sleepless nights and those leave you exhausted for days! :(

    Do the injections really help? It's so hard to keep good form on long runs...I think that's the key. When we get tired we start getting lazy in our form, and seems like that's when I start getting a lot of pain too, in those later miles. I am glad it didn't hurt after though. I think that's a good sign!

    I love your back patio area with the fireplace! That looks like a fun way to spend the evening!

    Hope you have a great week and I am glad you are posting more :)