Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Today was one of those days that kind of flew by in a haze. I dropped the girls off at school and then had a "meeting" that I think went well.

After my meeting I raced home to have another meeting on Skype with new my iPhone App Coach/Partner about a few action items.

Then I changed into running clothes and had TiggerT come to the house to meet my dad and also so we could start our run together. It has been almost a MONTH since we've last run together. We had a lot to catch up on.

We headed toward the Ridge when TiggerT suggested that we go a different route that she had explored earlier in the week. We were just running and chatting and catching up (really I think I was just talking her ear off a mile a minute) when she finally slows down and goes "I THINK we should have turned earlier." Oopps. We could see where we needed to be far off in the distance but we couldn't quite figure how to get there. Still we just kept running and talking.

I admit I was pretty exhausted. I had not stopped once that morning and besides one cup of coffee, I had not eaten anything but one Cliff Shot Block before running. Not to mention my blood donation from Monday was still probably keeping me a bit run down. The hills we ran seemed tougher than usual for my lungs, not my legs. But it was a great run regardless ... I think we manged over 7 for that run combined with some running, walking and hill climbing.

Of course I made the mistake of heading to Whole Foods with my dad after the run completely starved. We were headed to Vans's bike race out at Prairie City for his usual Wednesday race. Biceps and the gang arrived as well which always makes the night more fun for the kids.

Squeaker loves the races

She loves to "clean" things too

Don't mess with a girl and her cow bell

The Peanut drew a "map" for Vans so he
knew where to go during his race.

Bless her heart, she held it up for him while he was riding!

Then our friends arrived ... and things got crazy

Just like those clown cars ... how many kids can fit in the back of my car?

Sadly Jersey Dad's time with us is coming to an end. Thursday is his last full day with us. Since I am home with the girls, I am taking all of us out towards Amador to hang with the Little Citizen and Chico Girl. Later in the evening, the Peanut has her second soccer practice ... I think I am more excited than she is for it.

Friday will be a sad day as I will have to take Jersey Dad to the airport but the good news is that both he and my stepmom are returning in late July for a FULL WEEK! Yea!!!

Now it is time to finally crash in bed and watch some Survivor.

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  1. I love the map!
    Sounds like a tough run! Are you running pain free?