Monday, May 14, 2012


We spent the weekend in Tahoe for Mother's Day. I had found a special rate online and grabbed two nights. Happy Mother's Day to me!

Of course the weekend started out with some "drama" that had us all in a tizzy on Friday morning. Earlier in the week the Peanut fell out of bed while sleeping. She had no clue she even fell and seemed quite fine the next morning. Fast forward to the afternoon and she was limping significantly. She said her thigh hurt her "on the inside" and that she had not hurt herself while at school. I immediately remembered she had fallen out of bed but thought it odd that the injury would flare up half a day later.

Regardless, she's four and determined. On Thursday she "wanted" to play soccer despite limping. We let her and she hobbled around having a blast. They were teaching them about being "goalie" so she didn't have to do that much running. However, it was enough because Friday morning came and the Peanut couldn't walk. She was crying that not only her thigh hurt but also her hip. She literally could not walk. Being the (trail)momma I am, I immediately called the advice nurse who said bring her in ASAP or go to the emergency room.

The doctor worked on her and noticed significant loss of her range of motion and her guardedness in letting the doctor move her leg in certain ways. The Peanut was quite brave. However, the doctor felt she might have fractured the growth plate in her hip and immediately sent the Peanut down for x-rays. Getting a four year old to take an x-ray of their leg is no easy feat. Yet, the Peanut did it and was remarkable. Luckily her growth plate and her femur showed no fractures of any kind. The doctor said it could be a host of things but at this point to just her go. The doctor said kids have a remarkable ability to not push through pain and cause more damage the way adults do (hmmm).

After that, we left for Tahoe. A few swims in the pool and quite a few dips in the hot-tub and I am happy to report that the Peanut is feeling much better and that her limp is almost gone. She is not complaining of any pain (thank goodness) but man what a scare for Mother's Day weekend!

While in Tahoe I managed to run 12 miles. I had forgotten my water bottle at home and had planned on stopping at a local park on my way to Tahoe City to get a quick drink and I also had four dollars in my shorts to buy water while in Tahoe City for the run home. Interestingly enough, the local parks had not turned on their water yet! I continued until my Garmin chirped 6 miles and realized Tahoe City was probably another 2 miles away and it was HOT outside. I was in dead sun with no shade cover. I was also losing steam and decided to just turn around and make it home without any water. Whew, that was a tough run but it felt good to run in Tahoe and have that wonderful pine smell surround me.

Mother's Day was great. I woke up with the Peanut wanting to serve me breakfast in bed and Vans made sure there was coffee and mimosas! After breakfast we went on a family hike.

The Peanut with Squeaker on my back

The Peanut likes to "stir" the water

After the hike, I was treated to a quiet shower while the kids played outside with Vans. Sadly, as any mom will tell you, quiet showers are few and far between most days.


Also while we were in Tahoe, Squeaker turned 11 Months old!!! I cannot believe how fast time is flying and how quickly my lil Squeaker is growing!

She is always SO curious too...

Which is not always a good thing because she is also fearless.

We left Tahoe late Sunday morning and headed home. My amazing Mother's Day concluded with sushi from Miyagi and a nice glass of wine while relaxing on our patio. Perfect!

Then Monday arrived. Monday is hill repeats day with Pigeon. I was actually looking forward to the workout before I remembered that I had sushi for dinner the night before. Sushi does not sit well with me before runs as I have had this happen to me time and time again. I was also feeling a tightness in my chest because in the middle of the night I had an allergy attack that left me wheezing and almost reaching for my inhaler.

You can pretty much guess now that my run was Awful (with a capital A). Seriously. The first time up the hill I felt amazing and I was fast and strong. Then I reached the top and my chest tightened and my stomach turned and I started to wheez. My initial thought was "what the heck!?" I turned and ran down the hill trying to assess my situation.

Hill #2 I felt like I had been hit by a mack-truck but I made it to the top but just barely. I think I even power hiked at some point. Hill #3 was the straw that broke the camel's back and I know I power hiked quite a bit. Pigeon was a machine today. The best thing about running with Pigeon is she continues with her workout. She'll check in on you but she doesn't let what is going on with you stop her from performing and that is a good thing because the last thing I wanted to do was ruin HER workout.

I decided that since she needed the long climbs for her Tahoe Rim 50 Miler in July, I did not. Instead I opted for 5 shorter/faster climbs until my stomach just said "you're done" which was great because Pigeon was done too and we power hiked to the top of Beatty. We cut through a gated community so that we could drool over all the million dollar homes with a view of Lake Folsom. They are amazing to say the least.

Pigeon wants a house with this view!

Six miles later we arrived back at my house. Pigeon ran an extra mile to call it seven for the day. I was spent. Done. Toast. While I was running I was even mentally trying to figure out where my inhaler was located and I rarely use that thing! I can count on my one hand how many times I have needed my inhaler and generally I can say the cause is either a really bad cold or really bad allergies.

The rest of my day continued on with sneezing and coughing and itchy watery eyes. All of that WITH an allergy pill in my system! I am highly allergic to Northern California I would say 80% of the year and every year it seems my allergies get worse.

Because I am still nursing Squeaker, I can only take certain allergy meds but at this rate, I am kind of looking forward to wrapping up that chapter of my life so I can take some heavy duty allergy pills!

I plan to rest up tomorrow and get back at it on Wednesday with my friend TiggerT to see how I feel.

I hope all the mommies that read my blog had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. Sounds like a great time in Tahoe!!! Awesome job yesterday on the fire hydrant hill repeats, you did great batteling some tough conditions. Another solid workout to start the week off right! Rest up!

  2. Squeaker is getting so big and look at all that hair!! 11 months....time flies :(
    Looks like you had a great mother's day!
    Gosh I am sorry about your allergies, that's no fun. We have bad pollen here so I can completely relate.
    Tell Pigeon I want a house with that view too!