Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday was Monday and it started out fairly calm. Drop off at school for Peanut was a bit rough but not terrible. I can't blame her for not wanting to go to school after a weekend home with the family however it never fails that she refuses to leave when I pick her up later in the day (which of course she forgets about at drop off).

Squeaker has been battling something lately. Teething combined with a virus I guess. It started last Thursday with a mild fever which got a little higher over the weekend. Monday morning she was fever less so I took her to school where she was fine all day .... until right before I picked her up to come home. Last night she was burning up and this morning she is still quite under the weather which means she and I will most likely have a day together tomorrow vs her going to school with her sister. I hate when she is sick and I can't help her. We're both exhausted from being awake all night long but her pain makes me sad.

When I arrived home after drop off, I immediately went online to battle everyone for tickets to see The Little Mermaid at the Sacramento Music Circus. For months myself and a few other moms at the Peanut's school have been plotting to buy tickets so that they can all go together. I was in charge of purchasing the tickets ... which is really quite the task when you are trying to coordinate three families and are buying EIGHT tickets. Long story short, after some stressful moments, I was able to buy the tickets and in late July the Peanut and her two best buddies (and their families) will be seeing The Little Mermaid! Expect full on dress up Princess/Fairy costumes to come.

Pigeon arrived at my door at about noon. High noon to be exact. We had agreed last week that we would continue our hill repeats workout on Beatty Drive every Monday. I don't know exactly what the temperature was when we left my house but I can assure it was way hotter than last week and probably close to low to mid 90s ... and there is zero shade on the hill. This is ideal heat training for Pigeon who is training for the Tahoe Rim 50 Miler (where I will also be pacing her) and also for my marathon which is late June in Oregon.

Last week we had decided we'd increase repeats but after only one time up the hill I knew that I would be struggling. I have been on little to no sleep since Thursday of last week with one night where I slept upright in rocking chair with a hot baby on my lap. My allergies are out of control and I was just struggling. Period. Pigeon however looked strong. She thought the hill was easier for her this week. Awesome. That means what she is doing is working in terms of her training and I am over joyed that she likes running Beatty Drive because it really is a great training hill.

Looking down.
Pigeon is that little speck on the right hand side.

One of the fire hydrants

I managed 5 long repeats to the farther fire hydrant and then 2 sprints to the shorter one. We then ran all the way up the hill and meandered back through the rolling neighborhood hills to my house for a distance that was just over six miles for the day. I was a sweaty mess when I got home and immediately downed some NUUN.


It was definitely a tough workout and I truly hope that next week I can improve on my number of repeats or at least feel better. I should feel better considering I am going to spend some time in Tahoe this up coming weekend.

Regardless, it was fun doing FIRE HYDRANT HELL - AT HIGH NOON with Pigeon. We are both a glutton for punishment it seems OR we really just like to train hard.

We survived

It was also cool because we saw a deer when we reached the top of Beatty Drive ... poor guy seemed stuck between the houses and a busy road.

Today I am home with the girls and therefore no running especially since Squeaker is still feverish and under the weather. We did venture out to Costco to get passport photos for them ... um yea, that was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. Getting a four year old and a 10 month to sit and pose for a passport photo is not as easy as it sounds.

Tomorrow I have some meetings to attend to and also a run with a friend that was planned. It might however turn into a stroller run with Squeaker since she will probably be home with me tomorrow.

I am going to work on my blog layout. It's been a while since I have even touched it. I've toyed with changing the above Trailmomma photo but can never find one that I like to replace the one I have.

So I guess this is the ....

ha ha

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  1. Hope Squeaker feels better soon, and that you get some good sleep soon!
    Running hills in 90+ degree weather is dedication! Way to get it done!