Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yesterday I ran my 18 mile training run. I decided to run around Lake Natoma and then finish off the mileage with an out and back (after passing my car) to get to 18 miles.

The day did not start well which later translated into a not so great run. First, my Garmin that I had been charging all night actually drained to 0% battery strength instead of 100%. Does this happen to anyone else? It is SO frustrating when it does happen. Ugh. So no Garmin on my run.

THEN Vans who was driving the girls to school and going on a bike ride, ended up taking MY water bottle top for his water bottle. Pet peeve here. I have water bottle issues and really wanted MY water bottle with MY top but he was already down in Sacramento. Sigh. I dug out an old bottle that leaks and decided to use that instead.

Many many months ago, the people at Incrediwear asked me if I would wear and review some socks. It took a while but they finally mailed me the socks. Unfortunately, they mailed them to my former employer so it took a while to eventually get to me at my house.

I have had the socks for a while because I wanted to take a photo of them and basically lacked a decent camera. Yesterday I decided I wanted to wear them. I know, who wears something "new" on an 18 mile run? Me, that's who.

They sent me three pairs of socks. The Pro-3 thin sport (which I wore yesterday), the Pro No Sho and a hiking pair.

This is what Incredisocks says on their website about their product:

Made with the athlete in mind but very wearer friendly. For anyone who wants a great fitting, super soft, great sock. Incrediwear patented sport socks can bring comfort to tired legs and feet within minutes of putting them on, energizing individuals who spend long hours on their feet. Incredisocks can significantly enhance comfort and mobility, outcomes that occur due to increased blood flow, regulation of temperature, and delivery of a greater supply of oxygen to the targeted area. They are also antimicrobial, odor absorbing and moisture wicking for supreme long wearing comfort. The makes for the perfect travel companion since even with repetitive wearing, they won't need laundering. Incredisocks are the ideal choice for travelers, sports enthusiasts, or those just seeking the best comfort available in sockwear.
When I put on the Pro-3 thin sock I immediately noticed how significantly thin it was compared to my usual sock.

To be completely honest, I wasn't entirely sure about it so I brought my usual socks with me and left them in my car. I figured if I could manage the 12 mile loop in the Incredisocks and wanted to change for the last 6 miles or so, I could.

I didn't need to change though. They felt fine. Actually, my right foot felt wonderful but my left foot felt funny, like I needed more "cushion" on the ball of my foot. I have bony feet and I don't have a lot of cushion under the ball of my foot as it is. However, during the run all seemed okay and I never once had blisters or any issues. I cannot say for sure if my feet felt "energized" or whether my blood was circulating any better but my feet didn't sweat.

I am anxious to try the other pair I have, the Pro No Sho to see if they add anymore cushion.

The hiking pair I might not be wearing anytime soon since it is nearing 90 degrees here and we're not planning any hiking trips just yet.

Some more interesting tid-bits about Incredisocks is that they don't stink after you wear them! I wore them for almost 3 hours yesterday and they didn't stink at all ... I may have stunk but my feet didn't! Why? According to their website:

The fibers used in Incredisocks contain anti-microbial properties that kill odor causing bacteria. In fact, Incredisocks can be worn for extended periods of time without washing.
Don't worry, I will be washing them before wearing them again ... but it is good to know especially if you travel to a lot races like this girl.

Overall, I would wear Incredisocks again. I will know more when I wear the other pair on my next run but they were comfortable. My legs were tired from my run and I can't say that wearing socks would make my legs NOT tired ... but overall, my feet felt okay.

It was a tough run though. Once again, about 12 miles in my right ankle started aching and the pain was radiating up my leg. I see Dr. Lau on Monday and hopefully he can give me some relief. I am also trying to get in to see the master massage woman Lily next week as well. However, doubts are starting to creep into my head. I am concerned that my marathon career might be over and that half-marathons (which is an awesome distance) might be the longest run in my future. That wouldn't be a terrible thing as training for a half marathon is perfect when you have a family since it isn't too time consuming and I could try and perfect my half marathon pace ... yet something about conquering a marathon appeals to me. I want to do it. I need to do it. At least one more time. I do have to contemplate whether or not to eventually have the surgery but I could ultimately end up with additional issues later on like arthritis. I mean really, nothing is as great as what god gave you originally and messing with that could bring on other problems ... not to mention having the surgery would probably have me off my feet for MONTHS.

While running I also got a chance to listen to the proto-type of one of the UpBeat Workout training runs for the Urban Cow Half Marathon. I talk more about UpBeat Workouts and my relationship here. It was kind of cool! I am getting excited for its release.

I also encountered one of these on my run yesterday:


That is the second time in the two days I have run that I have encountered a snake. Wednesday on my run with TiggerT we ran into a Rattlesnake! The one above luckily is a King Snake according to the cyclist who had also stopped with me to let it pass. The cyclist laughed at me because I had stopped. I told her "a snake is a snake in my book" and even though King Snakes apparently EAT Rattlesnakes ... I am still not going to go near it.

When I finished my 12 miles and ran past my car it was all I could do not to stop. I struggled to go out and back to round my distance to 18. I admit I had to walk at times the pain was bad. I had also run out of water.

What frustrates me the most, is that I can walk fine. Hours later my ankle was fine. Today I feel fantastic! No soreness from the run and my ankle doesn't hurt. It is purely an impact issue. What also frustrates me is that it isn't like it is muscular so taking a break from running won't heal my problem. It is a bone thing. An extra bone (almost like a spur) is growing on my talus preventing my ankle from having any range of motion and causing pain with every foot strike or twist.

I finished my run and stretched as much as I could but I wanted to hop in the car and get myself some water ASAP. When I went home I stood in my pool. The temp is only about 72 degrees but it still felt awesome on my legs and it was hot enough outside. I am going to miss this time home when my work situation changes ... I will never have this freedom to run and then relax sans kids again. Vans and I had a nice time pool side yesterday after our workouts.

Yet, I can't deny I also love my days home with the girls too. Squeaker is turning one next month and is just an eating machine. I joke that she eats like a 15 year old boy!

Breakfast = Messy

That would be a yogurt goat-tee/smile. She started out using the spoon and then gave up and picked up the bowl and drank her yogurt. Messy messy.

The Peanut also had her final soccer practice this week wherein they scrimmaged. She was so cute but I admit, although she has natural soccer talent in terms of dribbling the ball and kicking, she is definitely very hesitant to "fight" for it or play a game.

She's the smallest Peanut out there! (Pink shorts)

Dare I say, she was actually afraid of the ball? I admit, she had woken up from a nap right before playing and just wasn't in the mood to play at all. I think eventually she'll change because she does like playing ... but she is definitely more artistic than athletic but still adorable.

We have a weekend of errands ahead of us it seems and some warm weather is headed our way. I am so happy I got my long run out of the way  yesterday. I might try and hit the track on Sunday for some speed work as it has been way too long and I feel that I am missing that aspect of my training.



  1. Now there's a young lady who truly enjoys her food! Could be the funniest photo you've ever posted. She will try to have it destroyed when she hits 15 years old. Or you can get her to do things by threatening to post it online in her social media account.

  2. Nice long run!
    I love that pic of her eating too, that smile is priceless!
    I hope you had a great weekend, enjoy your time off I am totally jealous!!!