Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Or perhaps too much? Oy. The past two or three weeks or so I've worked my full-time "real" job along with at least two nights at either one of my other part-time/side jobs making for a very very tired Trailmomma. On my long commute to the office this morning, I did the math (which is not my strong point, yes I know) and I am roughly averaging 53 hours this week (working 6 days week). I know people who work more but how they manage that on a daily basis is crazy to me.

So it must come as no surprise that I missed my elliptical workout yesterday morning as well as this morning. Monday I made it to the elliptical and felt fantastic but then the extra hours started creeping in and well, sleep took precedence. I have to learn not to beat myself up about it. Yes exercising makes me feel better and helps me deal with the stress I have been dealing with lately but sometimes the body just calls for more sleep.

Beating myself up about missing a workout is nothing compared to the guilt I load on myself when I don't get to spend the evening with my Peanut. Last night Vans was in charge and he sent me the following photo to help me feel like I was at home. With them. Where I wanted to be.

I miss that smiling face when I am stuck at work. Yes I know, no one makes me work this much but unfortunately the economy isn't getting any better and we could use the extra money. Who doesn't? I've always had multiple jobs at various points in my life. I am a hard worker although lately I'll admit my work product is slacking because 1. I am tired, 2. My mind is elsewhere or 3. I miss my girl.

I have various New Years Resolutions that I won't go into. Generally that is something I like to keep to myself but I probably should add "focus on work when I am at work" and "don't work so much" to my list. Unfortunately those are semi contradicting at this point.

Regardless, tomorrow I have a 5 am date with my ellipitcal and weights . . . must.make it.happen.


  1. OMG peanut is getting big and her hair is so long!! I don't blame you, I'd trade a workout for hanging with her anyday.

  2. Peanut is just such a cute little girl!! I don't blame you for missing being at home with her at all. At least Vans is keeping up with sending you photos, that's really sweet.