Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Peanut is definitely my child. While I was working on Saturday, Vans and the Peanut decided to head back up to the snow in search of Van's missing wallet. No luck on the wallet but the Peanut had a blast in the snow once again.



It absolutely makes me smile when Vans email these photos while I am working. I love that she is so in love with the snow, the mountains and Lake Tahoe. Just like her mom and dad.

No wallet Dad. I was digging!

It is unfortunate that Vans could not find his wallet but what a great excuse to head to the snow again. Later this week the Peanut and family will be heading to Tahoe for a long weekend and we couldn't be more excited.

having a moment with nature

According to Vans it was cold but sunny which is more than I can say for Sacramento. Fog and cold was all I knew on Saturday. I never made it out for my usual run but I did today. I ran a new route trying to find a "loop" I can do on a regular basis. This loop wasn't too bad but I had wished it was a bit longer. I'll keep exploring.

The Peanut will keep sledding . . . even with out a sled.

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  1. oh my cuteness! I love these, esp. the "moment with nature" shot. I totally know what you mean about being so happy when you're LO shares a passion of yours. These are awesome.