Friday, January 7, 2011


Yesterday the Peanut and I stayed home. I was feeling quite under the weather and the Peanut, who commutes to preschool with me, was also feeling a little "off" it seemed. She probably could have gone to preschool but that means Vans would have had to go out of his way to drop her off and pick her up. So I kept her home with me. Lesson learned.

The day started off relatively easy enough. Some breakfast, some Curious George on the TV and a little bit of snuggling. The Peanut even let me entertain myself by giving her a new "look" for her hair . . .

(I totally copied this from another blogger)

After a little hair-styling session, we then decided to make a present for daddy! The Peanut is obsessed with dogs lately and lucky for me, I had an old Beagle calendar in my crafts box and so our hand cut-out flower project began . . .

Loving the glue-stick

Adding a message of love

The final product!

Hey, I am no kinder garden teacher and it was the best I could come up with. She loves having her hands traced and now apparently loves glue-sticks . . . which I have conveniently "lost" so as not to come home and find anything else glued together in our house.

She really enjoyed making this for Vans . . . and he deserved it. He'll probably kill me for posting the following photo but it only shows how great he is with her . . . he even played My Little Pony with her the night before . . .

so cute

She wouldn't let him do the hair though. Apparently she has caught onto the fact that pony tails and hair clips are not his specialty . . . helping out the garage and doing some real "man work" however IS his specialty.

Look at me mom wearing my "work boots"

Overall the day was a bit rough. I wasn't feeling well and the Peanut is going through a transition at school to a new classroom which has resulted in a little potty training regression. Four loads of laundry on my sick day home was not exactly what I had in mind. Again, lesson learned. Yet solo time at home with her is rare for me so it was still worth it.



  1. I love her work boots!

    I hope you start feeling better.

  2. I love the flower project! I think we wil def. do that with Haley's pic. :) Dani loves the glue stick too...ugh. Adorable pics. Hope you're on the mend.