Thursday, January 27, 2011


This has been one rough week in the Trailmomma household. That "wonderful" birthday bounce party that the Peanut attended last weekend was purely the gateway to world of germs and miserable times. The Sunday following that party, the Peanut started coughing sporadically and her nose a-dripping.

Monday she seemed fine so we took her to school. I honestly thought I'd be getting a phone call at some point in the day asking to pick her up but nope, she made it although not without a few accidents. That's a sign.

Monday night? Bring on the mild fevers and the horrific coughing. Tuesday? Staying home with Daddy. She was congested on Tuesday and the fever was definitely mild so we assumed one day of rest at home might be enough to kick this little bug in the butt.

The hair-style is compliments of Daddy Daycare

Vans entertained her with a trip to Target (new puzzles and coloring place mats obviously made their way into the cart) and then home for arts and crafts.

Along with a little tv watching apparently

Yes if you're quick, he is letting her see Sarah Palin's new show. Oh the things Vans will do when Trailmomma isn't around! She would never be watching that show if she was home sick with me!

priceless expression

Needless to say, her facial expression says it all. Way to go Peanut! Yes that is just horrible tv. Shame on Vans.

When I made it home from work the both of them had gone stir-crazy and Vans left me a message that they were down the street at the park. So I threw on my running clothes to join them. Only it wasn't the kind of park that I typically "enjoy" and actually I was quite petrified just being near there.

way too close for comfort

Those freaky ducks were outta control. They thought the camera was FOOD and therefor were chasing ME! Vans and the Peanut had to save me more than once.

Wednesday brought high fevers and an even worse cough for the Peanut. I ended up staying home from work with her and we just hung around and watched The Muppets, Curious George and other odds and ends I found on tv. She was too weak and too tired to do much more than sit on the couch and "snuggle" with her momma. Who was I to object to that?

Come Wednesday evening though I was going a bit stir-crazy and needed some outdoor exercise. Vans came home from work after 6 pm so it was dark. I was desperate. I pulled on all the reflective gear I had including a headlamp and flashlight and I ran around my block FOUR TIMES! Talk about going crazy. Four times around equals 3 miles though and I was safe and sound and within reach of a bathroom should I need a pit stop. It wasn't as horrible as it sounds although I won't be doing it every single night. I was desperate and I have one or two major hills on my street. I walked the BIG hill but ran up the rest.

However, in hindsight . . . maybe not such a great idea. Shortly after I got home and showered, my nose started dripping and my throat started tickling. Uh-oh. Not a good sign. The Peanut crashed by 8pm which is unheard of for her only to wake up with a 102 fever every 3 hours last night. Poor kid. I woke up stuffy, congested, coughing and miserable. Yet I had to go to work. No fair.

Glad I got my run in when I did but I wonder if I hadn't run if I'd be feeling any better? I am sure the germies were already planted being that I wiped two year old snot all day yesterday. Sigh. It seems the Peanut may also be staying home tomorrow as well. She is still coughing a lot and really not feeling well and neither am I. It looks like it might be another mommy/daughter day at home . . . hopefully there are enough tissues to go around.
Lunch outside in the sun with dad.
Anything for fresh air!


  1. Poor peanut. I hope you both start feeling better soon.

  2. I hope the two of you start feeling better soon. Love the Daddy hairstyle. Did she go to Target like that???? hehe, ohh and the birds I was laughing really hard when I saw the picture and then read about the birds chasing you. They can smell fear!!!! Feel better soon.

  3. Pigeon, YES she went to Target like that. He is so funny when it comes to her hair. Those birds are VICIOUS I tell ya! They came WAY too close for me! :-)

  4. Hope you both feel better soon! We had the bug last week in our house and it is awful. BTW--bad TV Vans. Bad. bad. I'm sure even peanut is smarter than grizlymomma.