Friday, October 16, 2009

UNcomfortably Numb . . . and tingly

That is how my ankle feels right now. Two days before the NIKE Womens Half Marathon. The title is take on a run that my friend and fellow mommy & runner & blogger Mommy on the Run wrote about last June. Comfortably Numb is an awesome trail run in Whistler Canada . . . UNcomfortably Numb is what my ankle is right now. I am so not happy. I am down right depressed.

I ran on Tuesday evening. On the road but it might have well been on trails considering how covered the roads were in fallen trees due to the day's storm. I did not twist my ankle in any way shape or form but I did experience a shooting pain that lingered most of the night and into Wednesday. Then. Enter Thursday and I now have a numb and tingling left foot. Lovely. I ran last night (6 miles) but it was a struggle.

Dusting off my Google MD license I went searching for what might be causing my pain and numbness. I discovered something called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Again, not good.

My plan is to run this weekend and do something I have learned you're not supposed to do and that is take Advil before my run. I need to get the swelling down in the ankle to hopefully loosen up that nerve that is most likely being pinched. That is what it feels like at least.

There go my plans for racing this race this weekend. I'll be doing all I can to just finish. Again, not happy. Adding insult to injury I think I may have been accidentally Glutened recently and perhaps that is the cause of my recent tummy distress. Man, October is turning in a month from hell.

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