Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is a picture of the bruise left on my leg by Dr. Justin Lau of Elite Spinal & Sports Care. I love this man, I truly do. He is the reason I am able to keep running after so many running injuries have ocurred.

I saw Dr. Lau yesterday for my ankle. It had still been bothering me especially when walking or running. I could tell it was not a sprain and he had indicated to me that I may be looking at some ligament issues. I made an appointment asap to see him. I cannot have ligament issues as I have signed up for AND PAID FOR way too many races. If you have not taken a look at my side bar of up coming races you will see I have sort of "over booked" myself with some back to back races. I do not plan on racing ALL of them. They will be training runs more or less but well, they are paid for and therefore I cannot afford any injuries at this point.

Which leads me to my next problem. Dr. Lau suggested no more trail running until I can stablize my ankle. It is apparently jell-o right now as I can barely stand on one foot. No ligament tears although he did say if I twisted it one more time I probably would have ruptured a ligament or tendon. Nice right? So I have the "OK" to run on the roads but this trailmomma must refrain from trails until the ankle can stablize. At this point, I am thinking my return to trails will be after CIM in December and when I start training for Way To Cool in January. We'll see though. I am generally not known for following doctor's orders. :-)

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