Monday, October 12, 2009

Boring boring boring

This weekend was pretty uneventful running wise. Due to my ankle twisting accident from a few weeks ago, I was forced to run road and not trails. I am pretty bummed as my old Summer 7 group met up this past weekend on the Quarry Road for a nice 11 miler. Ah well.
So instead I took off on Saturday morning, okay . . . LATE Saturday morning (damn you Sangiovese!) for a 12 mile run up and down the local bike trail (6 up and 6 down). I knew from the moment I stepped out my front door that this was going to be a tough run. My GI system has not been my friend lately in fact, I think it has been slowly trying to sabotoge my training.
One interesting thing to note is there was a helicopter flying over head my entire run. It was searching for the missing suspect from Friday's stabbing/robbery that occurred less than a .5 mile from my house. Nice huh? Apparently one of the perps escaped and has been on foot ever since hence the flying helicopter all weekend. Still no word if he was caught. Not sure what I would have done had he approached me while running but don't worry VANS . . . there were 100s of people out on the trail with  me while I was running so I never really was "alone" much. If that perp was "smart" he'd just get out and start running to blend in with all the other joggers!
Back to my run. I ran 12. Stopped at 5.5 to use some park facilities and then continued on for another .5 and then turned around and ran home.
This weekend is the San Francisco NIKE Women's Marathon and Half Marathon. I am running the half but this is not the kind of run you want tummy troubles on. You run from one end of the city to another and then you're stuck until you can find yourself a bus (or a cab) that can navigate all the closed streets to get you back to your hotel. Still. I am excited. I am leaving town on Saturday morning and will be spending the day in the city with a girlfriend visiting the race expo and the NIKE Running store. Yes. It is a WHOLE store devoted to running attire! I can hardly wait!

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