Sunday, June 3, 2012


Friday was supposed to be my 20 mile long run. The Peanut had graduation (in the sun) at 10:00 am so any running would not happen until that was over .... when the temps were pretty awful.

Graduation was adorable. The Peanut is graduating from Pre-K to Junior K and her Junior K friends were graduating on to Kindergarten. Her little best friend J is leaving the school to attend a Pre-K closer to her home and so she also graduated with the Junior K kids. The Peanut is super sad her best friend is leaving. They have been inseparable since they were 3 months old.

Here they are when the were almost 2 (I think):


Here they are last year when the Peanut returned to school after Squeaker was born:

J was so happy to have the Peanut back

Here they are on Friday:

Best Friends (so cute)

It was a bittersweet day for them. Happy to have her friend graduate but sad to see her leave all at the same time. Monday will be a difficult day for the Peanut I am sure.

Friday was a difficult day for me for other reasons. It was actually 100 degrees when I started my run. I ran 7 miles and stopped. I was out of water already and I could feel my skin burning with the sun. I knew I could make it 3 more miles to my turn around spot to conquer 20 but I was not so sure I would have what it would take to get home AND in a decent enough time to head to the Peanut's end of the year BBQ at school.

I called 7 miles in 100 degrees 'good' and turned around. I ended up emptying and filling my water bottle SIX times on that run. I finished with about 14.5 miles or so and I walked A LOT. I basically walked in any bit of shade I could find (which wasn't much) and ran in the sun. I would drench myself with every water fountain I could find too and literally, within minutes I was bone dry again. Ouch.

Vans had an even worse day on Friday. He was testing out new (borrowed) wheels and was going super fast around a corner and bit it big time. He slid quite a ways and has an entire left side covered in road rash. It is pretty gnarly ... and raw. He looks like Freddy Kruger ... almost and is of course a bit sore. The power house he is though, after his crash he STILL ran four miles (he's training for a duathlon later this month). Kudos to him. I would have called it a day after that crash.

Despite being dehydrated (me), bloody and bruised (Vans) and cranky and over excited (both Peanut & Squeaker) we still went to our local concert in the park by our house. We just chilled and listened to the Michael Jackson Tribute band.

Squeaker was T-I-R-E-D

But not too tired to try and feed momma.

Saturday was a day that involved a lot of walking around and holding Squeaker who is going through another bout of teething. Needless to say, not a rest day. She also woke up twice in the night.

So when Sunday morning rolled around and it was time for the NIKE WOMEN'S FITNESS FESTIVAL 5K ... I wasn't so sure about the race. My legs felt tired. My body felt tired. My mind however, was ready and wanting a PR bad. I spoke about my history with this race here.

I slept Saturday night in my compression socks. I was just hoping to give my legs a fighting chance as I had spent all day Saturday wearing gladiator sandals and walking around EDH ... so my arches and legs were beat.

While in the kitchen drinking a few sips of coffee and getting things together, I had what probably determined my race day happen to me. I ran across my wooden kitchen floor while wearing my compression socks and in slow motion I slipped, slid and collided with both the floor and stairwell. I made the loudest THUD ever ... and then proceeded to just lay there laughing at myself before assessing any damage. I have a nice skinned knee. Lovely. I am a total Dork with a capital D!

I arrived at the race and realized parking was a problem. I forget how popular this race is. Actually, there were 4,000 women running! 4,000!!!! That is just crazy. I worked my way to the start area and positioned myself between the 6 minute mile flag and the 8 minute mile flag. I was hoping, truly hoping to come close to my PR of a 7:14 minute mile for this race but the way my legs were feeling, I already had doubts.

Instead of just talking myself out of the race before it even started I just tried focusing. When the gun sounded I took off. The course is new this year (and to add, I don't like it - see why in a minute) and I had no idea where we were going. Normally this race is just two loops of the Capitol. Instead they had us weaving up and down a bunch of streets downtown. The terrain is flat but it was a lot turning. I was used to the long straight-aways we'd had in the past.

Before I even hit the first mile my chest clenched up and I could barely breathe. It also felt like I was carrying weights in my thighs! I actually looked down at my legs and thought "what the heck!? what is wrong with you!?" My mind was race ready... my body however was not. It then dawned on me that I did run 14.5 on Friday so I never actually rested much and to be honest, my speed work these last few months has be minimal at best. I wasn't ready. That first mile was my fastest and then I steadily declined from that point on.

Here are the ugly stats:

Mile 1: 7:09
Mile 2: 7:48 (mentally I was just letting go when I saw this)
Mile 3: 7:58 (um yup, done - but I did sprint, or tried, when I saw the finish shoot)

Chip time: 23:40 (a 7:37 minute mile)

I was 10th in my age group (out of 492!). The first four women in my age group ran a sub 7 minute mile (the winner ran a 6:09 pace and was 39 years old! - Awesome).

At first I was truly disappointed. I was bummed. I wanted it but I also realize this is not my goal race and I wasn't really training for a speedy 5K. Next year though, I want it. Next year I will prepare better.

After the race I immediately headed over to Elite Spinal Sports Care to see Dr. Lau. I had heard his tent/office was going to be there and since he is impossible to get in to see anymore, I took advantage of it. I am glad that I did as he worked my right leg, ankle, calf and arch. I actually have a bruise from him but the whole leg feels 100 times better. It was pretty jacked up I guess. Dr. Lau however reiterated to me that I should really consider that I might need to stop running hills because it is only damaging my ankle more and that I should stick to flat races and terrain. Hmph!

I hopped in the car and headed for home. I stopped and treated myself to some Peet's coffee on the way and came home to a quiet house. Squeaker was napping and the Peanut was drawing. They barely even realized I was gone! Vans captured the morning in photos for me though.

What up Dad? Wanna watch tv?

You THINK I am going to let you watch the news huh?

Nah ... let's hit the playroom instead where I'll be super cute.

Then my sister will wake and we can have breakfast together.

What a weekend!


  1. Woot woot! Top 10 in AG ain't half bad, I gotta say.

    Eye on the prize from here on out - take care of yourself and get ready to have a strong marathon over and done with 3 weeks from now!!

  2. That would be least you laughed about it! :)
    Those aren't bad splits at all....good race!
    AND WOW....Squeaker is getting SOOO big and SO cute!

    And Peanut in that picture with her friend the way she is holding her hand is just precious and so endearing!!!

  3. Wow, brutal and ALL fronts! I def. would have bailed on your long run, no effing way! Poor Vans! How is he now post crash? How terrible!
    I adore the pic of P & J, esp the second one. <3