Monday, June 18, 2012


My marathon is on Saturday. I know taper usually messes with one's head but man ... my head and body are really freaking out here.

Last week I ran 13.5 on Friday as scheduled. I was limping the entire weekend with ankle pain. Normally my ankle only hurts while running (and not until about 10 miles in at that) but last weekend it was screaming all weekend long. I was also toast. I woke up the next day more sore than I have been in all of my training and just miserable.

It did dawn on me that I ran my miles, came home and quickly got busy with odds and ends and never refueled properly ... basically I didn't eat for HOURS after that run. Add to that, my less than stellar diet of late. I basically come home and quickly make the girls dinner and pick at what I made for them and then later in the evening (way too late actually) I am hungry but not for a real meal and then end up snacking on more junk. The cycle repeats itself daily.

I am reading Brendan Brazier's Thrive book (The Vegan Nutrition Guide) and a lot of what he says makes sense about nutritional stress on the body. I can honestly say I have been loading myself up with toxins because I am tired and lazy from chasing after two kids, being a chauffeur and trying to be supermom on top of all that. Oh and there is that little thing called a child who wakes 3 times a night!

This past Friday I was supposed to run 8 to 10 miles according to my plan but Squeaker had her one year check up along with FIVE shots (poor kid) and so I bailed on running to spend the day with her. That is one choice I don't regret. Saturday morning I tried to run and actually managed about 9 miles but it was painful, slow and involved a lot of walking. I am basically freaking out that I don't have the fitness, stamina or mental capability of running 26.2 miles on Saturday.

I know that I can bow down and do the half. I know that I don't HAVE to force myself to run but a part of me knows that if I bail on this marathon TOO that I won't be happy until I have completed one. I can let go of the PR and any hopes of BQing although I do not like doing that as I feel like I am basically giving up without even trying. Ugh. I just need someone to tell me what to do! Life was much easier when I didn't have to make decisions.

Here I am complaining about 26.2 miles when my good friend Coach Nikon is running 100 miles this weekend at Western States. This is the race of all races and I am bummed I won't be out there to support him and cheer him on. Maybe I will channel all those amazing athletes who will be running 100 miles on Saturday to help me finish 26.2. If you're local to the area, go out and volunteer at Western States. I guarantee you won't be disappointed and you will just be in awe with the determination, fitness and drive these runners have out there. Amazing.

Anyway, back to my marathon and taper week. I met up with the Massage Master Lily Brantley for a massage that was challenging because I brought along both the Peanut and Squeaker. Lily worked hard though. I also just received a cortisone shot today on my ankle (thank you Dr. Gilles) because I know I could not survive the miles without it. Vans scoffs at me saying only "pros" need Cortisone! ha Pro I am not but hey, if it works ... might as well and I promise, no more shots before races just to "get by" as I know that isn't healthy.

The girls are excited to race this weekend too. The Peanut has a half mile race and Squeaker is just going to go with the flow and be dragged to all the events and expos. I don't plan on making my decision until game time. I am hoping the expo excitement will really help and that the cortisone will kick in. I don't HAVE to run with my Garmin either which might reduce some stress but at the same time, I am a data girl and not knowing would kill me. Any words of advice out there?

Now on to the fun stuff .... Peanut and Squeaker!

The Peanut and her BFF at swim lessons

Squeaker getting into mischief

**The following photos is Squeaker POST shots ... girl is not phased**

What? Am I not supposed to be in here?

But it is so much fun!

nah-nah you can't catch me!

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  1. Tough decision! You know I have done that before, done a long run and not fueled, and you just feel like CRAP for the rest of the day!

    I know being a stay at home mom is exhausting and you rarely get a minute to yourself until the kids are in bed. I eat dinner so fast and then I am on to all the other stuff I couldn't do because I was at work or the kids were keeping me busy. Being a mom is a 24/7 job! Rewarding, but geeez tiring!

    I hope your race goes well this weekend, and that your pain shot kicks in. Be careful and don't hurt yourself!