Thursday, January 26, 2012


I thought I figured out a way to post using the iPad with photos but alas, Blogger keeps freezing. Ugh.

So instead, I will post a funny story. This occurred on our drive home last night. The whole family was in the car driving home.

Peanut: Daddy?
Vans: Yes?
Peanut: Daddy, Squeaker is playing with your purse straps.
Me: giggling
Vans: My what!? No, no that is my computer bag. Not a purse and that's ok.
Peanut: Ok. Daddy?
Vans: Yes?
Peanut: Daddy now she is chewing your purse straps. Daddy she is eating your purse!!
Me: Hysterically laughing.

Man I love kids!!

I have been doing a lot of running. A lot of thinking. A lot of soul searching. I am contemplating going back to school. Am I crazy!? Am I too old to change career paths!? I know I really do not want to go back to what I was doing. I would love to use what I spent four long years in college majoring in but this market is so bad and we live too far away for me to really get back into that field.

Decisions decisions. I am starting to feel the pressure and I really have no clue what is next in my life. Well, other than maybe another run tomorrow.


  1. Never too late to go back to school and NO your not crazy!! ;)

  2. Agreed, never too late to go back to school! Running will help you get clear and make always has helped me!

    Thank you for the recommend on that marathon plan. I like that less is more and only running 3 days a week and cross training more. I think I will have to probably do something like that so I can keep going uninjured. I really appreciate your input!

    Have a great weekend, and I hope you figure out what you need to the mean time enjoy your runs and weekend!!!!

  3. Never too late mama. I read this quote yesterday from a daughter to her mother:
    "Mom,thank you for teaching me how to follow my dreams by always chasing yours".
    (ok, it was on the back of a Luna Bar, you get my drift). Pursuing something you are passionate about will be a great example for your girls. What would you tell Peanut (FFWD to the future) if she came to you, miserable with her current occupation and asking you what she would do? There's your answer muffin. You should treat yourself with the same kindness and concern you would have for them.
    Much love!!

  4. Hi you've been tagged. Just go to my blog to see what to do =) Btw I love your blog! =)