Thursday, February 2, 2012


For the first time ever, I was tagged. As much as I want to tag others, I am not in the tagging mood and it is kind of hard to do using blogger on my phone instead of a real computer.

So anyway here goes ...

The Rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in your tagger's post.
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1. Whats your favorite workout?

2. Whats your favorite running food?
Favorite food in general: Thai food. Specifically fresh Thai spring rolls.
Favorite running food: plain steamed rice. I have Tummy issues.

3. If you could do one favorite thing what would you do?
Probably run & travel with my family to a place with a beach

4. Whats the perfect running temperature for you?
75 or 80 degrees

5. If you had a choice between doing a long run or speed work what would you pick?
Long run all the way.

6. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Halloween. I love the costumes and the decorations and of course the candy. I love anything scary too.

7. Would you go to a friend who needed you no matter what?

8. Do you like to workout inside or outside?
Outside 100%

9. What is your favorite training schedule?
Ideally 3 days of quality running with two days of cross training is ideal but in my younger (and single) days I loved running daily and doing bikram yoga daily.

10 How long have you been running?
Since freshman year of college. I ran in all the sports I played (soccer, basketball and softball) in high school but it was in the form of "practice" and I hated it. Freshman year of college brought the Freshman twenty pounds (not 15 in my case) and a boy who "chose" someone else so I ran all summer and came back sophomore year a whole new stronger and happier person because of running.

Now is the time I am supposed to ask bloggers my questions but I am already tired from typing on this little screen. Gosh, I hope we get a computer soon!!


  1. Thanks for the shoe recommend...want to know something funny? Well the Ravenna was out of stock, so they upgraded me to the Adrenaline! I have run in them twice so far....the only thing I can say is that maybe they run a little big...we will see, I need to get more miles in!
    Can you email me that marathon plan? You know I was so thankful you mentioned it...because I know that is what I need...I just don't think my body can take anything more running wise at this point!
    my email is

    I hope the non-working situation is working out...and you are figuring out what you need/should/want to do. And of course happy to see you are running more :)

    Have a great week!!!