Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I love long weekends. Usually I get a decent run in but this past weekend was really a mix of things. Friday after work I managed a 6 mile run with 2 miles at a tempo pace of 7:45. I felt great. Really strong in fact and the weather was perfect. I love starting my weekend off with those runs.

Saturday was a busy day so I could only manage about 6 miles but I ran with TiggerT bright and early. We had a nice run that included the Serrano hill in the middle. I wish I could have joined her and her running group (Java Joggers) on Sunday for their loop around Lake Natoma but Vans was going mountain biking and I was kid duty. The girls and I had fun which included a trip to Target.

Giggles all the way!

Squeaker is getting so big. She is semi-able to sit in the front of the shopping cart now but she tries to turn around to see the Peanut and eventually slumps down too far. She is also getting teeth (or something) because all weekend long her sleep has been terrible which means MY sleep has been terrible ... My heart aches for her though and the pain that comes with getting your first set of teeth. I just wish they'd arrive already!

Monday I had grand plans of running around Lake Natoma but then an opportunity presented itself Sunday afternoon and I jumped on it. Diane Cressey over at Folsom Breakout Fitness had a Martin Luther King Special: half off one of her TRX/Interval Training classes which included:

20 minutes of total body resistance training followed by 20 minutes of interval training. Maximize your muscle gains and fat loss! Interval training includes plyometrics, balance and agility work.

The first half of class we did some TRX work. I have a TRX at home but I wanted some additional insight into some new moves as well as how to properly do some of the moves that I have been doing lately. Oh boy. Um, yup, I have not been doing a lot of the moves correctly or at least my form was not correct. Simple things such as a bicep curl ... just one tweak in my stance has my biceps SCREAMING today. I wish I could take her TRX class more often but my schedule does not jive with the class schedule. After TRX we did some interval work using a bosu ball, some medicine balls, the TRX and the TRX Rip Trainer. Needless to say, my bum and every other part of my body is sore today.

While I was off doing that, Vans and the girls were home goofing around ....

Little Miss Cute who woke up early!

We have been working on a few house projects lately. It has been difficult juggling who watches the girls, who gets to work out and then Vans doing random house-hold projects like painting and yard work.

We have some colder weather coming this week too and I have a trail run planned tomorrow night with TiggerT and her Java Joggers ... should be interesting especially since the temps have been in the 20s and they are also calling for rain (finally!).

I also have to bite the bullet and look into the Crossfit classes that Vans purchased for me. I am a little scared as I have zero upper body strength ... which was made quite clear during Monday's class.

I mean really ... the only "lifting" I do these days is in the form of lifting these two ...

32 lbs & 17 lbs of cuteness!

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