Wednesday, January 18, 2012


There has been an interesting change of events in the Trailmomma household. I cannot and won't go into details, but let's just say that I went for a 6 mile run today. By myself. Instead of working.

A friend of mine reminded me that "When one door closes another one opens." I hope she is right. I also hope my Mother-in-law is right. She has some crazy powers that lady.

I am surrounded by good people now. I have great supportive friends and family and although 2012 does not appear to be starting off any better, I have high hopes. The glass is half full in my eyes right now. "Someone" is definitely trying to send me a message and I think I am finally ready to listen.

However one unfortunate thing is that I no longer have an outlet to blog AND upload photos. The iPad is not capable of uploading photos ... Yet. I guess I have the time now to figure that out.

Here is to new beginnings.


  1. I heard a quote today (which I can't remember exactly) - but it was basically - "if opportunity isn't knocking, build a door" - so hopefully your opportunity is there waiting to knock ;) and if not - you can build a bigger door.

  2. You sound really positive about this!
    More time with the kids, less driving...more running :)
    And having a great support system is always good!