Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I am still here. I just haven't been running much more than one day a week so I really haven't had that much to blog about.

However, I realize it is the holidays and I do have two adorable little girls and that a lot of my audience tunes in just to see what THEY are up to and not just what I have been doing running wise lately. Which is good because the running is almost zero but the girls are keeping me busy.

Surrounded by friends

Earlier last week the Peanut gathered all her favorite stuffed friends on the couch so that they could all enjoy Frosty Returns. Much to my delight, the Peanut is very into Frosty the Snowman and anything Rudolph lately. Love. The holidays are so much fun with her this year.

I was contacted by Tigger T via email asking me if I wanted to go running sometime. She's read my blog posts and my posts about not finding time to run and/or lack of motivation. She's great. She knows that if someone is out there waiting for you, you won't bail on a run. She also was anxious to show me some neat trails around the neighborhood. So after a few quick texts on Friday, we agreed to meet at the almost half way point between our homes and she'd show me some trails.

We met at 8 am on Saturday morning. It was chilly but it felt great to be out there with some fresh air. We jumped onto the NY Creek Trail and then up towards a fire-road that lead us towards Serrano. I had no idea this fire road trail was even there. It was great. We'd run, we'd walk, we'd talk. It was exactly what I needed to get my motivation back. I miss running so much.

When I arrived home, Vans informed me that the Peanut was being a bit fussy which is unlike her. Friday was her 6 month check up complete with three shots. She did great but I think was starting to feel the affects of those shots.

Doesn't she look like she's fussing? ha

The girl is still pretty darn cute even when she isn't feeling 100%. However, this little episode of fussiness would eventually come to blows on Sunday when Vans left for a 3 hour mountain bike ride.

Squeaker got her first real fever ... until now, she's never really had much more than a bad cold sans fever but come Sunday ... her temperature rose to 102.7. Poor girl. She still was okay and smiling some what but she would not let you put her down period. She napped on my lap.

Vans took the Peanut to visit the REI Family because she's been asking daily to see Little REI.

I think she just wanted to ride her bike.

This was good though because it allowed the Peanut some time away from a sick Squeaker and hopefully avoid passing the cold onto each other. Instead, I am now the lucky recipient of said cold. Ugh.

By evening time though, Squeaker was dosed up with some Tylenol and feeling a bit better. She allowed me to put her down but I had to stay close by ... so I had to get creative so that I could cook dinner for Vans and the Peanut.

My little helper

She was content playing with those measuring spoons and cup for a good 20 minutes allowing me time to chop, toss and bake whatever I needed to in order to get dinner started before the family came home.

Monday however, she and I were home. I officially have her cold and she officially no longer has a fever but remained quite clingy. It was a long day on Monday complete with more naps in my lap and lots of snuggles.

Before bed I gave her a bath and discovered that she is in fact part baby and part fish. The minute I put her into the water she flipped onto her belly and literally swam her way to the rubber ducky in the tub. She swallowed a big gulp of water in the process but was completely un-phased. This summer is going to be fun!

Steaming it out in the bathroom post bath.

Today we're all back to the normal routine ... daycare, work, commuting. Blah. The Peanut is anxiously counting the days until Santa comes .... and I am anxiously counting the days until cold and flu season is over!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Your trail run sounds fun! Good company really helps!

    I hope you both feel completely recovered soon! We just got over it and I am hoping we can avoid getting another one. It seems like everyone is sick!

    Have a great Christmas!