Monday, December 12, 2011


Saturday was the Rancho Cordova PAL Holiday Run 5k/10k. Vans's work is one of the major sponsors for this race and Vans himself was in charge of organizing and encouraging his work staff to participate. He actually made a wager with his staff that if anyone could beat him in the 5k, he would do their job for one hour. He works with a lot of 20 something college kids so this was a big gamble. He was potentially looking a 35 to 40 hours of extra work if they all beat him. He was nervous and battling a cold.

Vans also signed the Peanut up for the kids quarter mile chase Santa race and he signed me up for the 5k as well.

However, Squeaker is once again very sick with a terrible head and chest cold and was up all night long the night before the race. I was up with her from 11:30 pm to 1:00 am and then slept with her in my lap in a recliner from 1 am to 6 am when we had to get up and get ready to head to the race. Brutal.

The REI family was kind enough to let us borrow their double jogger so that I could run with both girls and participate as well. It was really chilly Saturday morning.

Squeaker was bundled up nice and warm!

Peanut getting ready for her race!

The race was fairly small. Not a lot of people heading out to Rancho Cordova but it makes for an easy race logistically especially for families.

Racing Family

The Peanut's race was cute. Santa and Mrs. Claus were in a golf cart and all the kids had to chase after them. They had a quarter mile and half mile option. Since the Peanut has not been "training" we had her run the quarter mile distance.

Lining up to chase Santa!

Running with Dad!

On her way to the finish!

All done. Loving her medal.

After the Peanut's race it was time to head to line for the 5k/10k start. Vans made his way to the front so he did not have to fight the crowd. I took the double jogger and just found a spot that was not too far back but was not going to bump into people.

The race course is pretty boring but definitely flat. I was able to jump to the side with my beast of a jogger so that I didn't have to run into too many runners. I just kept pushing and running and realized I was passing a lot of people. They were not too happy to be passed by a girl pushing a double stroller.

Vans ended up PR'ing and only one employee beat him! His time was 21:17 which is a 6:52 minute mile. Go Vans!

Considering this was my first ever double jogger race, I guess you can say I PR'd too!

Heading to the finish.

My time was 26:07 which is an 8:25 minute mile ... pushing a 35 lb three year old and a 17 lb six month old, PLUS the weight of the stroller ... yup, that thing is heavy!

Vans was happy. He had a good race and a nice work turnout and he doesn't have to do 40 hours of someone else's job.

Sunday was a lot lower key than Saturday. It was also my birthday. We basically did what we do every other Sunday ... head to Costco and drive down to Sacramento to visit with my inlaws. Whatever. Just add that on to the craptastic year I have had thus far. No real surprise it was over looked.

However, being a year old I am now entering a new age bracket when it comes to races. I am now the young old person in my age group. If I can ever get back into running and racing I might stand a chance to actually do well in a few races.


  1. Great job running with that stroller, and even running at all even though you felt sick! I personally HATE running with a stroller.

    Did you get a new camera?
    Thanks for sharing the pics...Peanut's race looked good, I know they love getting medals!

    And happy belated bday!!
    Seems like birthdays mean less and less every year as an adult...oh well what can you do!?

    Have a great week!

  2. Happy belated birthday-I hope the coming year is great for you and your family.
    Great job on the race.
    BTW, did you get a new hairdo? Looks very cute.

  3. Oh my gosh....Happy Be-lated Birthday!

    Sounds like you had an awesome race and great job to the entire family. Love the pictures!


  4. Miss P, I DID get some new hair. :)

    Thank you everyone for the belated birthday wishes!

  5. OK I guess I never bookmarked your blog and I hadn't seen it in forever - just spotted your name on the comments at skinnyrunner. Congrats on the squeaker!! I so admire your running, I have had the hardest time getting back into it and my little one is almost a year. I hope to be as dedicated as you someday soon!