Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas came and went in our house rather quickly but it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

He came!

This was the first time the Peanut "really" understood and was excited for Santa. We did the Elf on the Shelf thing starting December 1st and that really REALLY made Christmas seem to drag on last forever.

Fortunately for us she slept in until about 7 am (her usual time) and we heard her squeal from the living room with excitement. Unfortunately for her, we made her wait until Squeaker woke up (on her own) which was not until 8 am. Torture!

Squeaker and I had a nice trip to Kaiser on Christmas Eve Day ... never doubt a mother's intuition. I knew something was not right with her despite being fever-less ... sure enough, she had an ear infection and is now on antibiotics. Luckily, the antibiotics kicked in really quickly.

Christmas morning was wonderful. The Peanut enjoyed opening her AND Squeaker's presents. We Skyped with my family on the east coast and opened more gifts and then had our California family over for dinner and opened even more presents.

The Peanut and I made cookies for the family & of course for Santa.

I hope he isn't diabetic

We made one for Dad.

I also made dinner for the entire family. It was great having Saturday free to prep everything and then just tossing it all in the oven on Christmas morning.

Regular & Gluten Free/Vegan Baked Ziti

Santa was good to all of us. Vans got a new Garmin watch for his training (which, ahem, still sits unopened in its packaging on his night stand) and I got a few nice things as well including a work out bench!

I have been wanting one of those for a while. I have been using my stability ball for most of my dumbbell moves but this bench is nice and compact and convenient. Santa also got me something I have wanted forever ... well, to be honest, I got myself this but Santa needs to attach it to the ceiling to make it work better.

Since I have had limited time to run due to my long commute and just having to be a mom in the evenings, having these tools in our garage gym have been a life saver. Of course I still miss running. I haven't abandoned running all together mind you ... I just don't do it has often as I would like.

Right now I am running two nights a week with a friend which has been great. She is super flexible in her schedule and is patient with me and my commute and my evening mommy duties. Last night we ran for 4 miles in the dark decked out in our headlamps and reflective gear. Once school is back in session we plan to maybe hit the high school track once a week and do some speed work.

On the nights I don't run I try and spend at least 45 minutes in the garage doing some TRX moves as well as some moves with my dumbbell set (purchased on craigslist) and squats. I did the TRX on Tuesday evening and my bum is still a bit sore but in a good way. I am looking forward to using it tonight.

Work lately has been very very stressful and without these outlets I don't think I would be handling it all very well. I also don't think without my wonderful girls in my life would I be as sane as I am.

The Peanut in SF

Having Monday off was great as well. Vans took the Peanut to San Francisco to see The Grinch play and she was in heaven. Vans was exhausted. While those two were off playing in the city, Squeaker and I were playing around at home.

Always smiling!

Squeaker and I went on a nice 5 mile run too with the jogging stroller. She loves it (lucky for me) and I needed a good run.

The Trailmomma family is hoping that the New Year brings us some better mojo. We had a rough 2011. Oddly, it is starting out with me working New Years Eve and Vans getting oral surgery the first few weeks of the New Year but beyond that ... bring on the happy, healthy vibes!

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Looks like the trailmomma family had a great xmas!! Curious: do you have a recipe for the vegan/gluten free baked ziti??? Thanks!

  2. K: I DO have a recipe. Let me type it up (it is mostly in my head) ... do you have an email address? I can email it you...mine is on the sidebar.

  3. My email is on the sidebar of my blog as well. (finally!) Thanks!

  4. Hey! I want that recipe too!! That sounds awesome. My email is on my "about me" page on my blog. If you could send my way I would totally appreciate it!

    I'm glad things weren't too bad with squeaker's impromptu trip to Kaiser. We spent the entire week of Christmas in the hospital with our youngest one year. He and his daddy missed out on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. It was a very stressful holiday for all of us.

    Glad to hear your holiday was good. Have a great New Year!

  5. I hope you have a GREAT new year!
    Looks/sounds like you had a great Xmas!

    I too am going to start doing some cross training, I got a kettle ball for Xmas :)

    Sorry to hear about the ear infection...we just got over one of those. Hope Squeaker feels better soon.