Monday, December 5, 2011


Yesterday was the California International Marathon (CIM). As I said on Friday, I was headed downtown to packet pick-up and was going to turn in my chip....and I did.

I could not ignore the signs that were being thrown at me. I started coughing like crazy and when I arrived home on Friday evening I lost my voice completely. Saturday I was worse. Bronchitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis ... you name it and I probably have it.

Oddly enough, I was okay with the decision. At the expo I ran into some of my Fleet Feet Running friends who were rather shocked and sad I was turning in my chip. I never really teared up but I was glad I was feeling as crappy as I was because the energy at the expo would have surely convinced me otherwise had I not been so sick.

I went home Friday evening and after the kid were asleep, I had a large glass of wine. I don't recommend doing that when your throat is raw and on fire but ... it helped in other ways.

Saturday we spent the day with some friends who were in town. They had arrived to do the marathon but unfortunately one of them fell injured and she too had to turn in her chip at the expo. Misery loves company right?

The two DNS runners

Ironically enough, after having dinner with this couple the Peanut fell asleep on the 5 minute ride home. At 6:45 pm!!! She did not wake up until 7:30 the next morning! In all of her 3.5 years of life, that has never ever happened!

Sunday we all woke up and got dressed in our Rock On Dylan shirts and headed downtown to cheer on all the marathoners. I saw Garmin out running and sporting his Dylan shirt! It actually made me tear up when I saw him. Not because I was jealous of him being able to run the marathon but because he was running for Dylan and he looked awesome. I also saw Miss P out there who I had also run into at the expo and who was very sympathetic to my having to turn in my chip. Miss P you looked great!!

I saw a bunch of my Buffalo Chip buddies just killing it out there. The weather conditions were fantastic! I probably stood out on the street near 15th and L for hours. The Peanut and Vans and company were inside a local bar having breakfast but not me. Squeaker and I just stood out there yelling and clapping (well, I clapped, she drooled on my shirt).

Go runners go!

I saw a large amount of runners wearing Nike Frees and other light weight minimalist shoes. My knees ached just watching them but they were flying.

Everyone looked great but also ready to be done. That stretch down L street can be painful both physically and mentally. You start to count down the blocks because they are numbered but you forget how long each block is downtown.

We saw friends doing the relay too including The Pinkhouse Gym Relay Team whose fourth runner was our dear friend Sally Edwards.

The average age for this relay team was 71. Just.plain.awesome.

A lot of friends called or texted me to make sure I was doing okay on Sunday. They know how much this race means to me. CIM 2012 unfortunately will not happen because I'll be at my brother's wedding in New Jersey. As I said on Friday, I have my sights on a June marathon and hope to do well. Fingers crossed.

The rest of the weekend was spent resting. Vans unfortunately now has the same horrid cold that I have ... which is still hanging on. I do have my voice back but the coughing is terrible and I wish I could just cut out my throat entirely.

This weekend we have 5K/10K race that Van's is helping put on with his work. He has a big bet on his performance with his work staff .... not so sure how that will work out with his cold. The Peanut, Squeaker and I are hoping to borrow a double jogger from the REI family so that we can also compete. The Peanut might also participate in a kids fun run .... we may be down but we're not out.

The family that runs together...

Tis the holiday season for running no? Oh and for also torturing your baby sister .... I left the room for a few minutes on Saturday and returned to find this ....

Ho Ho Ho Mom

Despite being dressed with funny reindeer bobbly heads,
Squeaker still idolizes her sister.

Who has a very devilish smile ...

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend!
    Hope you are feeling better and thankf ro sharing the pics of the kids, they look very cute with their "ears" on :)