Monday, May 30, 2011


Still here. Still very much pregnant.

I went to the doctor last week and I am already at 3 cms but I could be this way until the 10th of June which is my predicted due date. Something tells me this kid will come early though. I just hope it isn't before June 1st.

As funny as it sounds, we really want a June baby but it has to be after June 1 because Vans has his mountain bike race. I know I know "big deal" but it means a lot to him to race. He's raced the past 2 seasons with perfect attendance and for him, that means a lot. He doesn't come in first and isn't the fastest racer out there. He knows this but he is probably the most dedicated. I would hate for him to miss out. I told him I will do everything in my power to make sure Trailbaby stays put until at least 8 pm on June 1 ... his races typically end about 7 or so. He may have to race home but hey, he'll at least get to race right?!

I also stop working on June 1. Yes. I have to go to work tomorrow, for one day but most likely I will not be staying the whole day. As it is, driving or just riding in a car is very uncomfortable for me. Trailbaby does not like for me to be seated for long periods of time and since the Peanut will not be going to school on Tuesday, I'll be commuting by myself. That means no carpool lane. Not good for an uncomfortable pregnant lady!

In more exciting news, my mother-inlaw and father in-law told us what they are giving to us as a "baby gift" when Trailbaby arrives. Of course no gift is needed but they are grandparents and you can't tell them what to do right? Maybe it was the "complaining" I did in my last post but my mother-inlaw heard and answered my prayers. Their gift to us is one year of once a month cleaning service with our awesome cleaning lady Rosa! Seriously, is that not the best gift ever?! To have someone we trust and know come into our house once a month to clean is a dream come true. It also inspires one to keep the house a little bit on the cleaner side than normal. I mean, you don't want this person thinking you're a total slob right? haa

So thank you Grandma and Poppa! We truly appreciate it. It will definitely be a life saver this summer while we're running around with two little ones.

The Peanut and Poppa hunting for Easter Eggs

The Peanut and Grandma reading


  1. BEST BABY GIFT EVER!!! Wish my inlaws had thought of that, haha! Hoping baby comes soon (but not too soon!)

  2. I agree, Best - Baby - Gift EVER!