Monday, November 30, 2009

Home and Fighting

We are home from our wonderful splendid week in Tahoe. Weather was gorgeous and we even got some snow! The Peanut has never seen snow before and watching a 20 month old's eyes bug out of their heads watching the flakes fall and then inevitebly sticking their tongue out to "catch" said flakes is heart warming. Who cares that it was 10 degrees out!

I was able to workout while on vacation though. Luckily the place we stay has a new state of the art gym. Sorry no pics. I was able to run my three days a week and was also inspired by their little weight lifting machine thiny. Oh boy! Who knew that doing lateral pulls would eliminate that little bulge of fat between your boob and arm pit! Honey I think we're going to have buy one of those fancy machines! Or I guess I could google how to simulate a lateral pull w/o the use of ginormous bulky machine.

One day I did manage a nice 5 mile run outside that included high elevation and some hills! Sweet. I felt fantastic on this run which gives me hope that Sunday's 26.2 miles of The California International Marathon won't be so grueling. My ankle ached occasionally while in Tahoe but oddly not while running. Go figure.

My latest "issue" if you will is fighting a sore throat. It is that pre marathon freak out phase and I am doing all I can to remain positive and not convince myself that I have H1N1. Sigh. Seriously all I have is a sore throat but my mind will concoct something heinous and I don't want to even go there.

My second "issue" is deciding which pace group to run on Sunday. Intially I was going to stick with my 4 hour pace group from last year. This would be a conservative run for me and would probably leave me feeling perfectly fine post race. Yet, I am competitive and last year I dreamed of running sub 4 hour. I did that. 7 months post baby. My second dream is to run a marathon at a sub 9 minute mile. The 3:50 pace group is exactly my pace. Exactly. No wiggle room. Do I WANT wiggle room? Do I NEED wiggle room? I am thinking I should just go for it and see how things turn out. . . . stay tuned.

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