Monday, April 30, 2012


It feels so good to be back blogging again. It also feels good to be running solid again because it is so much more fun to write about feeling good when running vs feeling terrible.
Yesterday was sort of a crazy day in the Trailmomma house. I woke up (after a rough night with Squeaker) and ran to the local high school track to literally squeeze in a speed workout. My scheduled speed workout was rather lengthy and unfortunately I just didn't have the time to do it. Instead I ran to the track which is smidge over a mile away and then did a quick 800 and then quite a few rounds or sprinting the straights and jogging the curves of the track. It definitely gets the heart pumping and the leg turnover moving. I then ran home at a fairly quick pace.

After helping some neighbors with a busted pipe, Jersey Dad, the girls and I loaded into the car. We dropped Jersey Dad off at Pam's Aunt's house for a day of brother and sister bonding while the girls and I attended a birthday party.

Vans got daring and jumped on his road bike and biked from El Dorado Hills to Old Sacramento. After the birthday party, I drove the girls downtown as we had time to kill and tried to visit the new Lululemon store. Unfortunately, the store was closed on Sunday. Ugh. I loaded the girls back in the car and made plans with Vans to meet at Pam's Aunt's house where he would load the bike into the car so we could all drive home to EDH. Just a random kind of day for us.

Now it is Monday and I have big plans to meet up with this girl for a hill workout today. She is training for the Tahoe Rim 50 Miler in July and hills are on her training list. I have a few ideas for her in terms of what hill here in EDH to make her run ... I will be running too and I could really use some hill work as well. I am excited to meet up with her as it has been too long.

This is also Jersey Dad's last week with us. The rest of our week is fairly jam packed with things to do so stay tuned for a few posts and new photos.

Speaking of photos ... are some from the weekend of craziness that we just had including the Peanut's fourth birthday party at Tricks Gymnastics.

Squeaker pre party chasing Jack the Cat

Peanut & her friend the Little Citizen at her bday party

The four year old artist and her "hand" drawing

I plan on bringing my camera on today's run so stay tuned for a few running photos (finally!).

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