Friday, April 27, 2012


First of all, my last post apparently caused some family excitement because I said I had"exciting news to share." Vans's family immediately jumps to the conclusion that we are adding to our family. I can assure you, that is NOT the case. We are not adding on ... not even the four legged furry variety.

My exciting news is running related ... after all, I know I post a lot of cute pictures of my kids, however this blog is supposed to be about running ... with a dash of family added in for good measure.

A few months ago I was approached by a long time friend of mine, Sally Edwards (co-founder of Fleet Feet Sports) to assist her with her latest venture in getting America fit. Sally is always coming up with new ways to get America off the couch and out the door living an active life-style.

Sally designed an iPhone App called UpBeat Workouts. UpBeat Workouts is partnering with Rich Hanna, Capital Road Race Management and the Urban Cow Half Marathon to come up with an awesome new iPhone App for those who register for the Urban Cow Half Marathon early!

How cool is that!?

Check out this page! For those who register for the Urban Cow Half Marathon early you will receive a FREE training program via UpBeat Workouts on your iPhone. The program was written by the amazing Rich Hanna himself and UpBeat helps sync your phone's music to your strides per minute (or cadence) as you run. It is really cool actually.

So where do I come in? What is my role? Check out this page to find out. Crazy!!! I am super excited to be part of this new and innovative technology. I am also excited because I plan to run the Urban Cow Half Marathon while simultaneously using UpBeat's training program to train for the race and then blog about it as I train.

I can't wait to share more about this new app. Today I met with the iPhone App developer and he downloaded a pilot version onto my phone so that I could test it out while I ran today. It was really trippy hearing my own voice coaching me along on my run but at the same time also pretty cool.

I hope all of my local readers will consider pre-registering for the Urban Cow Half Marathon this October and in turn download the FREE training program as well.

Keep coming back as I will be frequently mentioning more about the App as it progresses and will definitely let you know when you can officially register for the Urban Cow Half Marathon AND get this cool training program for your iPhone. You can also follow UpBeat Workouts on Facebook by going here.

As I mentioned above, today I ran 12 miles around Lake Natoma. Jersey Dad was chilling at home relaxing. When I finished my run I came home and then we left to pick up the girls from school and had dinner at our favorite restaurant in Sacramento ... Miyagi Bar and Sushi! This place is the greatest. It used to be within walking distance from our home in Sacramento which was both amazing and dangerous. Jersey Dad loves Miyagi and he requests that we eat there every time he visits. Vans and I will never object to Miyagi and fortunately, the girls both like it as well! Although I think they really like that Miyagi is also next to YoYo Yogurt.

The Peanut being silly

Squeaker happy eating as always

Our crazy crew at Yo Yo Yogurt (Squeaker is very excited)

Happy girls