Thursday, April 26, 2012


Like I briefly stated in my last post, Jersey Dad surprised me by purchasing a laptop!!! He said he missed my blog so much that he wanted it back THAT bad. Melting my heart.

So before I get into a real crazy posting spree ... I will give you some quick photo updates as the Peanut and Squeaker have literally blossomed these last few months.

(First, I have to say Blogger has changed its format quite drastically since I last remembered. Wow)

Squeaker (10 months)

Squeaker is now 10 months and quite the eater. That photo is of her eating one of her favorites (black beans or really smushed black beans but she likes them whole too). She also loves quinoa, strawberries, bananas, all veggies and especially garlic flavored hummus. Yup.

The Peanut, now 4 years old

The Peanut is now four and just awesome. She has a big heart, a curious mind and a loving soul. She adores her sister endlessly. She truly is getting so big.

Now on to what is going on lately ....

Okay, so Jersey Dad is out for a visit because YESTERDAY was the Peanuts Fourth Birthday!!! Where has time gone? Seriously! Since I am still unemployed, I took advantage of my "free" time.

Jersey Dad and I dropped Squeaker off at daycare so that the Peanut could have a full day all focused on her. We surprised her by driving to the Jelly Belly Factory!! What kid doesn't love candy right? She went on a tour and our tour guide was so sweet as she made the Peanut feel extra special.

Wearing the Jelly Belly hat

The tour was great as you get samples along the way and then we finished at the candy store where she picked out a giant gummy alligator (gross). Then we hopped in the car and headed somewhere for lunch.

Grilled Cheese & French Fries

After she ate they came out with a chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream and a candle. She was beyond excited (and in an even deeper sugar coma).

But very happy.

After the Jelly Belly Factory, we drove back home to pick up Squeaker and then eventually made it out to Van's race ... in the pouring rain. It was SO muddy I cannot even imagine how the riders did it. Vans was quite a muddy mess when he finished.

The kids were dry at least.

Anyway, that was yesterday. My running has slowed just a bit since my Dad is out visiting but totally worth it. I have some exciting news to share soon but one post at a time.

I look forward to reconnecting with my readers and other bloggers who I have missed these last three months or so. Blogging is therapeutic for me and I know a lot of my family enjoys reading as well as a few others (Shout Out to Chico Girl!).

So thank you to those who have remained and checked in on me periodically. Get ready to have more posts from Trailmomma. I have a marathon in June that I am training for and a trail race in Tahoe that I will be a pacer for (first time pacer too ... eeek). Lots of adventures to come! At least until I get a full time job that is! ha


  1. Yeah! I just thought I would check to see how quickly you got the 'puter up and going, yippee Jersey dad!!!! Good to see you posting again. :)

  2. Welcome back, I have missed you!!! Can't wait for your marathon and than pacing duties in Tahoe.

  3. YEAH! Glad you are back! Look at Squeaker's hair!
    Happy bday to Peanut, she looks like she's getting taller!

  4. JUST got caught up. WooHoo!