Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tough As Granite 10K

Today was the Tough As Granite 10K trail race. Actually, it was a 5K, 10K and a half marathon. I first ran this race series last year (its innaugural year) and apparently won my age group which allotted me a free entry into another Scar Sports Race (there are only 3 . . . the Tough As Granite, an ultra and one in Napa so it is pretty easy to tell which one I'd pick).
Since this year I didn't have to pay and since trail running has taken off with newbies, I did not have my heart set on winning anything this year.
Vans informed me that his friend and wife were running the 5K and also the Vice President of the company he works for . . . um no pressure there I suppose. Sheesh. He talks a lot about this VP guy who runs and runs and runs. Great. I am running the same race as this dude and he employs my husband . . . guess I better not set out to beat him huh? :-)
Vans said he wanted to come cheer me on with the Peanut. That was fine. I however, like to get to races EARLY, unwind, stretch, use the facilities whatever. Vans? Nah, 10 minutes is plenty of time for him! Needless to say we arrived about 20 minutes before my race was to start leaving me enough time to check in, get my shirt, have some water but not pee. Lovely. :-)
Oh and I must point out that my darling Peanut decided to wake up at 5 am this morning and NOT go back to bed . . . again lovely. In perfect Peanut fashion though she was asleep by the time we arrived to the race AND when the race started so Vans missed the start because the Peanut was asleep in the car. Actually. I take that back. He drove the car from one end of the parking lot to the other taking pictures while the Peanut was fast asleep in the car. That's my Vans! He's my personal race photographer and I love him for it!
Anyway, back to the race. Not sure how many people actually ran the 10K besides me and Mr. Vice President. But it seemed to be about 40? Maybe? Official results are not in yet.
This race was very low key. No signage (except for hand written signs on card stock) and no gun. They did have chip timing but only on the finish. Race started with a "three two one go" bang! We were off. I noticed that I was oddly the only woman running with the front pack of dudes (including Mr. VP). I sort of shuffled that to the back of my head so I could focus on not tripping or getting lost. I have to give the Scar Sports peeps credit. Their race signage may suck but their course markings are fantastic! No way you can get lost!
I realized at some point during the race that there was one, perhaps two men who were on my heals A LOT. I'd shift to the side to let them pass and they wouldn't. I could hear them breathing for Pete's Sake!
Well long story short (too late I know) I finished. Turns out I was the first female to finish the 10K! The guy who was on my heals thanked me profusely for setting a "great pace" for him. Why that always happens to me I will never know. Old men follow me in races and then thank me at the finish for setting their pace! Never are they young hot men just old men. Ah well. Glad I could help a fellow runner out. Turns out Mr. VP won his age group. Van's coworker won the overall 5K for men and his wife took 2nd female over all in the 5K. We were all winners! My prize? Another free entry into next year's race . . . gotta hand it to those Scar Sport people, hook, line and sinker! I also won a pair of socks and a pair of too short shorts. Nice.
The Peanut also greeted me with a giant hug, apparently awake from her nap and in a daze. That hug though was the best prize a girl could ask for. Enjoy the race photos.


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