Friday, September 11, 2009

No more NUUN

I understand that part of trail running or running in general is finding what works for you fuel wise. Since I've been running for over 10 years now one would think I would know what works and does not work.

Yet sometimes, my brain or my eyes latch onto something that *looks* good and yet that old semi crochety geriatric sensitive stomach of mine protests. Sigh, will I ever learn?

Prior to leaving the house, Vans came home and belted out "it is F@$*&ing hot out there!" What? Really? Perhaps since I work in a freezer of an office and use my car as a defroster, I didn't notice how hot it actually was outside. Apparently, according to Vans, it was in the 100s.

Last night I ran with a new trail running group in Folsom. We met, exchanged introductions and expressed what our desired distances were going to be. We all averaged on the 6 mile mark. Fine by me.

I had my water bottle with me as usual and before leaving the house I threw in a NUUN tablet. It is an electrolyte tablet that turns your plain old water into a lemony, semi-carbonated, no sugar electrolyte drink. I have used it in the past and it always upsets my stomach. Worse than Gatorade which I cannot do on a run. Yet, for some reason, I thought last night would be different. Why? I do not know. Perhaps I see that NUUN tablet container in my cupboard and don't want to waste it. Why I chose to use it on a night when I am running 6 miles instead of say 4 is beyond me.

Overall the run was nice. Beautiful location that I have run only once before. Nice group. The leader was Tattoo Brian. Nice guy. Apparently, at some point during the run however, I became "pace leader" no one wanting to pass me despite me not knowing the way. Brian would just call out "left" "right!" "stay straight!"

My stomach was fighting the NUUN and fighting the pace we were running yet somehow, I hung in there for the sake of the group . . . or for the sake of my own personal embarrassment.

Brian and the group thanked me for my "pacing" and after a few super quick stretches (sorry Jersey Girl! Some day I will learn) I hopped into my car to race home and deal with my turbulent tummy.

Lesson learned. No more NUUN and no more trying new stuff.


  1. This is a comment. It is still f*&^!ing hot outside.

  2. Of all the people in the world that would benefit from "Jetsons food pills", I think you might be the best candidate. Although, let's be honest... they would probably make you sick. ;)
    - jersey girl

  3. Nuun tablets have sorbitol in them which are literally a laxative.
    I learned this the hard way myself!