Monday, September 14, 2009

A bike, run, bike kind of weekend

This past weekend included all sorts of sporting events and/or exercise! Friday started off with Vans, the Peanut and myself at a sports bar waiting for Derek Jeter to surpass Lou Gehrig’s hit record. He did. I jumped up and screamed. I was the only one. Ah well. I would also like to add that I think my Derek Jeter shirt helped as well.
Saturday turned out to be one of my favorite days this weekend. We actually woke up to gray skies and THUNDER! That is completely unheard of for September in Sacramento. I can’t remember the last time it rained in September here. Our plans were to ride bikes with the REI family to Bella Bru for breakfast. The REI family consists of Mr. REI, Mrs. REI and baby REI. Baby REI is a smidge more than a month younger than the Peanut and we hope they grow up to be the best of friends. They are a riot when they get together and I love watching them grow, play and explore together.
So the REI’s arrived. We had to load all babies, baby gear and anything else we deemed necessary into the bike carriers (which can turn out to be a lot) and then we were off. Mr. REI pulled baby REI and Vans pulled the Peanut. The Peanut weighs more than baby REI but baby REI was in a double bike trailer AND Mr. REI weighs less than Vans so it was a tossup who was working harder! :) Oh yeah and it was a bit windy! Whoops.
We finally arrived at Bella Bru. Scored a great outside table and had coffee, breakfast and mimosas while chatting, watching the kids eat and then play and then it was back on the bikes to ride home. Overall Saturday was one of my most favorite Saturday mornings in a long time.
Sunday involved a mini triathlon on my part. It was the annual Buffalo Chips Stampede 10 mile race. I woke up, rode my bike to the start which was (according to Garmin) 3.5 miles from the house. I tried to warm up a bit since it was still chilly AND windy. Ran the 10 mile race which was harder than I remember but was totally worth it when I hit mile 4 and saw the Peanut who was sitting on a curb stand up, smile and then come running towards me calling “momma” for a big bear hug! I actually heard the runners behind me go “awweee!!” The Peanut totally made my race and day 100 times better. I finished strong running a 8:16 per mile pace. I almost ran out of steam at the end but those wonderful SCaps gave me some added energy for a final mile sprint to the finish.
Vans and peanut hopped on the bike after seeing me at mile 4 and met me at the finish line! We chatted with other runners for a bit and then hopped on our bikes and biked to Peet’s Coffee for some yummy post race coffee and muffins (for the hard working Vans and Peanut of course). Add Sunday to Saturday and you have my ideal weekend. A perfect fall weekend that includes biking, running, baseball and coffee with the people I love. PS: Sunday afternoon included watching football!! Icing on the gluten free cake if you ask me!


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