Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello everyone! Happy Monday.

This weekend was a bust running wise. I tried to run on Saturday but I feel that I have a cold (or perhaps just really terrible allergies) but when I left my house Saturday morning, I only made it about a mile before my lungs and throat were burning and I felt like I was going to hurl. I turned around and trudged my way back home. I wasn't totally down on myself. I can appreciate resting when you are sick more so these days ... and because I knew I'd be a solo parent most of the weekend.

Saturday we had a pool party with some of my great running friends and their family. It was long overdue. Saturday evening Vans left for the Bay Area to do a century ride so I was solo with the girls that evening and all day on Sunday (hence why turning around on my run was a good thing).

We had some fun. We watched movies and ate popcorn. We goofed around and went to bed late. We had treats here and there. We went to the mall and had some fun in the Disney Store and of course we rode the carousel at the mall. Yup. all good times.

So after talking with Coach Nikon on Saturday, he convinced me to go ahead and buy a domain name. I have wanted to for quite some time. When I researched it, I saw that I could buy the name I wanted for $10.00 for a two years! That seemed great to me so I went ahead and bought my domain name.

THEN I realized (doh!) that one also needs to have a website building program AND a host. Those were not $10 for two years and in fact, were quite a bit more. Not as much as I thought but definitely something and the catch (because there is always a catch) if I like having my own domain and website, then after two years I'll have to continue to pay for it. Vans had a rule, that I could have my own domain name IF the website could pay for its own cost. Yeah, that is not going to happen unless I blog a helluva lot more.

So what to do? I have figured out the cost and if I can work two games with the Sacramento Kings (my side job that I have had for 13 plus years) that would pay for my two year contract commitment to have the program and the host. However, if I don't work two games, well then I am paying (of course). I am inclined to go for it and see what happens. Of course, I'd have to direct everyone from here to the new site and just keep this site "active" in case I need to return to it some day. Oh and of course there is that little thing called TIME to keep up the site and actually do some quality posting. Decisions decisions. What would you do?

Photos from the weekend. Enjoy.

Carousel Ride at the mall
Give this girl brown rice and black beans
in a tortilla and she is so happy.
Too Cool for School.*
*The funny thing about this photo is that I had stopped at traffic light and turned to look at the girls and saw they both had their sunglasses on! Totally made me laugh.
What also made me laugh is this conversation with Squeaker:
ME: Squeaker what is this? (pointing to her eyes)
Squeaker: eyes!!
ME: Good, what is this? (I point to her mouth)
Squeaker: Mouth!
ME: What is this? (I point to her knees)
Squeaker: Knees!
ME: What is this? (I point to her feet)
Squeaker: Feet!
ME: What about this? (and I grab her toes)
Squeaker: piggies in a market!

Smart kid!


  1. Why don't you just forward this blog to your new domain? That way you can keep everything the way it is on blogger and still have a domain name all your own. Just a thought! :-)

  2. Thanks Krista!
    I went and googled how to do it and I actually attempted it and then got all nervous nelly and undid what I did as I don't want to lose anything! Such an internet wuss I know.