Monday, December 3, 2012


The Trailmomma family recently traveled back to New Jersey to visit Jersey Dad and attend my brother’s wedding. This was the first flight for Squeaker, the third trip to NJ for the Peanut and Van’s fourth east coast wedding.

From past experience I knew that flying out on a redeye was the way to go. What I didn’t know was that we would be flying on a puddle jumper from Sacrament to San Francisco. That flight basically sucked. The long leg however to New Jersey was decent. It was long enough that the girls could sleep and not be disturbed by having to get off and change planes. However, the plane was extremely uncomfortable for adults (especially one with two kids sleeping on her).
While in New Jersey we attended the rehearsal dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Frank’s. I think Frank’s is pretty much the only reason Vans truly flies to New Jersey. He isn’t a great traveler, especially when flying long distances overnight. I think his meal of spinach filled ravioli and home-made cannoli’s really helped.  

The wedding took place on a Friday and my brother’s fiancée looked like a princess so, from here on out, she will be called Princess Mayra. The Peanut was in awe. This was her first wedding and she has been so excited. We bought beautiful dresses and tights and she could not wait to wear them. She’s is equally excited to wear them again on Christmas Day. Princess Mayra did a fantastic job with the wedding and my brother (Tom Green – not really but he looks like him) looked very handsome. The rumor is that he had a lot to do with the appetizers being handed out after the ceremony. They were super cleaver. Small shot glasses filled with tomato soup with teeny tiny triangles of grilled cheese on top. So clever!

Unfortunately, Squeaker started the trip off with a nasty fall at daycare (literally, 2 hours before take off) and her bad luck continued while in New Jersey when she developed a cold, tummy issues and started teething majorly. Maybe they are all intertwined but needless to say, she was clingy and emotional the entire trip which made things a little difficult.

However, with all her troubles, sleeping (with her sister) was a breeze. The two of them snuggled together for three nights. It was precious and some of my favorite photos.
The trip was way too short (as always) for me. I miss my family very much and I miss New Jersey. I know people might laugh and say “really?” Despite the reputation that New Jersey has, the people there are one of a kind and they are honest, tell it like it is people. I admire that.
The devastation from Sandy was evident. So many fallen trees and damaged homes, it was heart breaking. My house is not anywhere near Jersey Shore so I can only imagine what that area must look like.

The weather was cold, the temps were in the low 30s and high 20s most of the trip. I forgot how much that temperature can be both unbearable and yet refreshing at the same time. The girls had a rough time adjusting at first but the Peanut had her heart set on building a snowman. She did the best she could with the snow she had (and no gloves).

Our flight home on Sunday was not overnight. I find this is the best way to readjust to the time change. Despite being stuck on the tarmac in Newark for almost two hours and almost missing our connection in Denver, the flight was okay. The Peanut was completely entertained and is quite a good traveler. Squeaker however, is quite a handful. I can’t blame the kid entirely as we didn’t book her a seat and instead carried her 25 lb body on our laps … when the Peanut flew to NJ at the same age, she sat in a car seat which limited her range of motion. In hind sight, we probably should have bought Squeaker a seat. Next time.
Now we are back and getting into full Christmas mode. Elfie had arrived while we were gone and the Peanut is beyond thrilled. She woke up this morning groggy and fuzzy and instantly searched the house for him.

I love this time of year. I wonder where Elfie will show up next?
Happy Holidays from the Trailmomma family!
ps: I'd post more photos (I have tons) but I am out of picasa space. :( I still have not figured out a way (other than purchasing more space) to keep the photos I have and post new ones. I think I might have already deleted some past photos to allow the current ones.

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  1. Sounds like a fun's so hard travelling with little one's seems like Phene always gets sick when we travel!
    I forgot you are from New Jersey! How fun that you got to see your family..I miss my family too and wish I lived closer to them!
    Have you been running? How is worK?