Thursday, November 22, 2012


Well once again, blogging has taken a back burner. I think I know what I can make as a New Year’s Resolution huh?

What has been going on lately? Well, Vans and I really struggled for a while missing Jack the Cat. When I say that I miss him, the Peanut calmly tells me that I will see him again someday. She is so wise for a four year old.  Meanwhile, a coworker of Van’s wants us to take her new kitten … who is only 5 months old … and very cute I might add.

However, we did just have our carpets professionally cleaned and I admit that I am enjoying the ability to wear black clothes without having three inches of cat hair on them.
In terms of fitness and running, I am proud that I am continuing my Breakout Fitness Folsom routine five mornings a week! One of those days has been a yoga day which I avoided for as long as possible but my perpetually tight hips, lower back and now hamstrings could no longer stand the pain. Yoga has definitely helped those areas but honestly, I should do it more than once a week.

Running has been happening as well although not as frequently as I would like. I manage a four mile run one or two days in the middle of the week during my lunch hour. Sometimes I run with Vans and sometimes not. I enjoy these runs although they are rushed and I know once my work load increases after the first of the year, they might not always happen on a regular basis.
On Saturday’s I have been either running with TiggerT, doing the Ridge Loop of Death solo OR as was the case last weekend, doing the Ridge Loop of Death WITH TiggerT while there was a monsoon happening around us. Despite the wet and the cold, I really had a lot of fun on that run. I always enjoy running with TiggerT though.

Thanksgiving morning the Trailmomma Family will once again be toeing the line at the Run to Feed the Hungry complete with two jogging strollers. Last year it poured. This year, the weather is looking to be a lot better.
Things have been good. Even though Vans and I feel extremely busy, to the point of being stressed, we are both grateful and thankful for the family we have, our health and our time together.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Trailmomma Family!


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