Monday, November 28, 2011


Well if you read my last post, things are not exactly "happy" around the Trailmomma household but things are not sad either. Vans and I are trying to keep things up beat for the girls especially since it is getting to be that festive time of year. I admit, Vans is doing a better job than I as I really have no desires to celebrate or buy anything "new" since at any moment, it can be stolen or taken away. However, when it comes to the Peanut and Squeaker, I don't mind shopping for fun stuff especially for the holidays.

The Thanksgiving holiday was pretty busy for us which was a very nice distraction. We did a lot of new things with the girls which was nice but sadly we are reminded every time we want to take a photo to remember the event, that the only cameras we have are our outdated iPhones which I guess is better than nothing at all.

So please excuse the fuzzy phone pictures that follow ... our Thanksgiving weekend ....

It started with the Run to Feed the Hungry 10K ... in the pouring freezing rain. Vans and I started at my in laws house which is 1.5 miles to the start. So overall, we ran about 9 miles that day pushing the girls in strollers. They were toasty and warm ... Vans and I were not.

Starting area ...

Ready to run was cold!

We ran the entire way and were faster than some of the other 10K runners who were not pushing strollers. They have changed the 10K course which was a nice surprise and there were a lot more people running the 10K than I have ever remembered.

The best part was the Mimosa Station at mile 6!


It would not be a Run to Feed the Hungry with out Mimosas!

Crossing the finish line!

 We crossed the finish line and made our way to the post race area which was nice but wet, cold and crowded. We ran the 1.5 miles back to my in laws to dry off and warm up. Squeaker was thrilled to be celebrating her first Run to Feed the Hungry race!


 The rest of Thanksgiving was spent visiting family. We saw Pam's Aunt and we saw my in laws. Lots of driving made for a very long day for the girls but they were troopers.

On Friday Biceps and Sarcasm invited us to Apple Hill to go Christmas Tree picking with them. I was hesitant at first to go just because I had not found my holiday mojo yet but it turned out to be a terrific day.
Nope. Not that tree.

How about this one Daddy?

After picking out our tree we were treated to a train ride! Unfortunately the train was being driven by a grumpy smelly Santa who was not in the festive mood and left a scarring impression the Peanut. She's been very receptive to the phrase "Santa is watching" lately and I have to say it is quite effective especially when you tell her that you have Santa on speed dial on your phone and can call him at a moment's notice. Yet when she is picturing the Santa we saw on Friday .... it was not a good thing.

Choo Choo!

After our train ride we stopped and filled up on all the goodies that Apple Hill has to offer. Then we visited our friends at our favorite Camino winery and just enjoyed the afternoon.

Saturday morning I went for a run to test my legs. Last week CIM was still very much on the table but now I am not so sure. I have some how thrown my back out of whack to the point that I can barely pick up the girls. It does not hurt to run but after I run (although it spasms) I am in pain. I am also battling a chest cold. Tomorrow I am getting a massage from the ever amazing Lily in hopes that she can work out whatever is going on with my back. My body is saying "don't run" but my mind is saying "run, you need this" ... however, our 2011 has been crap-tastic thus far so perhaps ending it with CIM is not the best idea? Stay tuned on this one.

Our Saturday was spent doing a few shopping errands and then Vans and the Peanut headed out to the El Dorado Hell's (not a typo - it is my new name for the town) annual Tree Lighting and for Santa's arrival. Once again, the Peanut was going to meet Santa and I had high hopes that it would be a better experience. Unfortunately there were so many kids that Santa shunned the Peanut and her friends which once again just deflated her. Poor girl. I have big hopes that when Santa visits our neighborhood in a few weeks, that he will give her the time of day.

Sunday came and the girls and I headed to Foresthill to deliver a casserole to a friend who had just had back surgery. The Peanut is in love with them and their dogs ... but especially with their horse. She had a blast and it was a beautiful day. We could not stay too long because Vans was waiting for us.

In an effort to continue to keep things festive ... we decorated our house for Christmas which is way earlier than we normally do and we put up our Christmas lights to show those thieves and the neighbors that we are still going to celebrate the holiday season (again, thank Vans for this one).

The Peanut refuses to give up our pumpkins though.

See Squeaker ... this is a pumpkin!

We'll just continue to try making this the best holiday we can for the sake of the girls.

Vans - we need to replace that strand! :-)


  1. My mantra has been fake it til you make it. And like Vans, my T was very much the same way last year, forcing the x-mas spirit upon me for the sake of D. It took awhile, but it came. I hope the same happens for you. It's nice to see you post, and see those precious girlies. :) xxoo

  2. I am having the same back issue :( No fun! I haven't run with it yet though. Thanks for sharing the pics...the Xmas tree farm looks fun! I really hope things are getting sorted out and you can enjoy your holiday. And of course I hope your back feels better!

  3. Oh my goodness, just read last couple of posts. So sorry. :( Well, the bright side: 2012 is just around the corner. So..Keep on Keeping on! El Dorado "Hell's", made me giggle. Hopefully, over time, Hell will freeze over and come into it's own global warming for ya.
    Hope you get to the starting line on Sunday...Tylenol is going to be my best friend that day, I can share.

  4. I totally understand about your body saying no and your head saying yes. That's what makes it so hard! And maybe even more disappointing. But I do believe that your body will tell you and you have to listen to it, no matter what. I just try to think that it's just a race, and would I give up running completely for just one race? No way I love running too much!
    Any way, there is my 2 cents :)