Friday, November 18, 2011


It is with a very heavy heart that I must share that the Trailmomma blog will be taking a break.

We have been the victim of a robbery. Thieves have invaded our home and have stolen all of our electronic devices (minus our phones). These computers, cameras and other items contained personal information as well as all of the baby photos for the Peanut and Squeaker. All of our memories are gone.

They also have stolen jewelry given to me by my mother that is irreplaceable. Items Vans has given to me over the years are also gone.

We have our health and we have amazing friends but we have a long road ahead of us involving identity theft companies, credit companies and insurance companies.

The girls are safe and so far clueless (we hope). These horrid thieves used the Peanut's new flannel pillow case to remove the loot.

I hope karma works and that they get what is coming to them. Today I ran 12 miles in the rain. It was more of a stress reliever than a training run but it was well needed.

CIM is going to be the toughest 26.2 I have ever run. My head and heart are so far out of a marathon mindset it is just silly.

But somehow, I feel the need to try. This year needs to end on a positive note. We are taking any and all prayers.

Sincerely - Trailmomma and Family

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  1. Oh no!!!! I'm so sorry! I know it must be horrible to lose items that were so meaningful to you. I'm so glad you and your family are safe, though. As hard as it may be, those were just "things", the safety and health of your family is what's important. Don't let it get to you. Use this experience to make yourself stronger. Take care!

  2. OMG!!! I am so sorry. What a bunch of losers -- Karmic retribution will occur.

  3. I just read this and I am SO sorry! Gosh this is horrible! I hope things go smoothly with the insurance companies, etc... :(

  4. I am SO sorry this happened to you husband and I had three break-ins in 6 months at our old house (in Laveen, AZ), so I totally understand the way it feels to feel violated. We moved after the 3rd incident, and are happier than ever now, and in a much better part of town. It really made me thankful that everyone ended up being safe, as I am sure you are, too :-) I hope you guys are doing better now :-)