Sunday, October 21, 2012


This Trailmomma is sad. Super sad. My week started off well enough. I found a group of guys (and one other girl) who play basketball 2 to 3 times a week over their lunch hour. On Monday I joined them (as the only girl that day). It was great. I was a huge basketball player/fan in high school. I've missed playing and I haven't lost that much of my shot over the years. I realized the aerobic part of me terribly slipping as I was sucking wind play 3 on 3 half court with these guys. I know I have not been running much since I started working (one day a week actually) but man my endurance severely has declined.

Thursday Vans and I made a lunch date. He works directly across the street from my building so we met over our lunch hour for a 3 mile run. He mainly wanted to show me around the work neighborhood should I want to start running on my own. Instead, we realized we both really enjoyed running and connecting over the lunch hour together. I can foresee this 3 mile loop turning into a nice speed work type of run occasionally.

The "bad" part of all this lunch time activity however is that I have to do the activity and then shower and return to work clothes which often include high heels. I don't wear super high heels mind you ... but higher than my summer attire of flip-flops and running shoes. Fast forward to Friday when I could barely walk. The ball of my foot hurts so bad and my second and third two are practically numb.

Of course I've googled my diagnosis ... and there doesn't seem to be much that I can do. I am on the hunt for some work shoes that might be better for my feet but generally those kinds of shoes are ugly.

Saturday I had good intentions of waking up and going for a nice 7 mile run through the Ridge Loop of Death but the minute I put my foot on the floor tears came to my eyes the pain was that bad. I hobbled around all morning hoping that whatever it was would work itself out but when I put on my running shoes and took a few steps I turn around defeated.

I resorted to taking some Advil later in the day because the pain is so bad I can't even drive my car (it is my right foot).

I figured a day of rest would be fine and that maybe we'll see how I do on Sunday ... the Advil did ease the pain but not eliminate it.

Well this morning the pain is worse upon waking and I just got done driving the Peanut to her swim lesson and I was crying the whole way home.

I am not sure what else to do other than ice, rest and Advil (and I hate taking Advil). I am especially sad because next Saturday is the inaugural That Damn Run half marathon. Vans is doing the 10K and I am doing the half and we've arranged for childcare during the race (actually the very awesome race director's family has offered generously to watch the girls while we run).

I've never had a stress fracture but this is what I imagine the pain to feel like. I was so excited because I though I found a way to run twice a week (over my lunch hour) instead of just on Saturdays ...

I guess I just have to wait until this settles and figure things out. Perhaps take a better look at my running as well as my work shoes. Next Saturday's race is not going to be an easy one. I've run most of the course once or twice ... it is going to be long half marathon especially if I have this foot pain (and my usual ankle pain).

The girls keep my spirits up though ... they are so much fun right now and they super excited for Halloween ... as am I!

Also exciting is the Peanut's new (to her) big girl bike. Vans hooked her up the bike trainer last night and she had a blast getting her workout on!

Pedaling fast!


  1. Crappy!!! I hate these kinds of things! And I am like you I don't really like to take anything!
    I can't even wear high heels anymore...seriously I am so lucky I can wear tennis shoes. My ankles, feet, calves are always having some issue and heels just make it worse.
    What about Dansko clogs? Sure not super attractive...but comfortable! I also have a pair of flat black knee high boots from Born that are cute and very comfortable.

    Hope it's just a passing thing that goes away with some rest and ice!

  2. I think that it is great that they play at lunch. I would like to play Basket but at work they aren't pretty lazy.