Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well I have not posted in a week or so and mainly it is because my time on the trails has shifted from twice a week to once a week albeit locally. Basically, nothing exciting enough happens to write about anymore. Boo.

My Summer 7 training program is over. Blood, Sweat and Beers has been run. Now some of the people who were part of Summer 7 have decided to be a rogue group of trail runners meeting every Thursday evening and the occasional Sunday when we can manage it. Unfortunately, Sundays have gone back to being Van’s workout days and I am resigned to trying to either fit in a late morning/early afternoon run AFTER his workout or run on Saturday morning.

Also this time of year I start to gear up for the California International Marathon (CIM). This is the only marathon I have ever run. I have run it 3 times and done the relay twice (once while pregnant with the Peanut). I love this marathon. It is local. It is fairly flat and most importantly, it encourages my friends to come out of their homes on a generally chilly (sometimes wet) Sunday morning to cheer on runners. Really, the draw for them is the local bar they hang out at and the greasy breakfast (including mimosas) they consume and not so much the runners but they come and they cheer and Jersey Girl usually makes a sign or at least pulls one out of reserve from past CIMs.

September is quickly approaching which means “marathon training” is underway. This time last year I was strictly following a plan and running it almost to the T because I was still nursing the Peanut and I wanted to make sure my body was probably rested, not stressed and was constantly hydrated. Fast forward to now and I am lucky to consume 16 ounces of water daily, sleep? What is that? As for the “plan” I am following the same plan as last year and may increase the speed a bit but that requires me to be out there running, on the road and unfortunately, I feel I have been slacking in that department lately.

To remedy this, I am planning a 10 miler this Saturday at an old location. One I have not visited in quite a few years. It used to be my regular running route on Sundays but since the birth of the Peanut I generally don’t stray far from the house. This Saturday will require me to get into my car and actually drive somewhere park, get out run and then come home to deal with whatever is going on at home which as of late has been a severe case of the “momma only” phase of a 16 month old.