Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quarry Road

Sunday's Summer 7 trail run was at Quarry Road recreation area in Auburn. I had mountain biked this road many many years ago back in the day when I thought Mountain Biking would be my "new sport." ha ha! Oh how the times have changed.

Our scheduled distance was to be 10 miles. In the emails preceding the run, Fleet Feet informed us that this will be a "simple" run on the Quarry Road out 5 miles and then back 5 miles. I was disappointed. Especially after last week's hilly single track hard core run in Cool. How can we go from that to this?!

Well, I showed up ready to do the distance but not exactly ready to enjoy it. It was hot but not as hot as it was last weekend and somewhere in my delusional mind, I figured I did not need as much water as last weekend. I know! I know! What was I thinking!? We were running FARTHER and yet I barely hydrated during this run (I never claimed to be a smart runner).

However, the run turned out to be better then expected. Yes it was on the Quarry Road and yes there were about 185 of us running so not exactly peaceful in any way. Yet, there were definitely some rolling hills that humbled me to a walk from time to time. Hills that worked my butt and hamstrings which is something I need right now. It also gave me a chance to talk to other runners I normally do not have the chance (or the nerve) to talk to before we start running. Hills slow you down and conversations start up which make the hills seem less painful.
The Quarry Road IS beautiful (as you can see from the pictures) and it IS a good workout. I wonder if this is a trail that I could return to solo? I am too much of a wuss to actually try running on most trails solo but I do think I will return to this spot (probably with someone). Maybe during my CIM training period??
As a bonus, I was not even sore the next day although I did suffer a hydration headache later that day. I hope I have learned my lesson. Water is my friend and I probably needed some sort of boost whether a Gu or an electrolyte tablet or something since I was probably dehydrated when I started. I blame that on the wine.
Lessons learned I suppose.

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